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Companionship is the longest confession

  Can the story be simpler?From then on,the sky is transparent and your appearance is clearly visible.   There is Jiamu in the south and Lovesickness in the north,and you are my blessing day after day.   The wind in July and the rain in August,but there is still no you in September.   At the beginning of life,I have been walking […]

 In the column of WeChat moments impression,

 my friends gave me some beautiful comments:elegance,gentleness,classical beauty,innocence and human being as light as chrysanthemum.   However,in these beautiful entries,I have indeed been admiring the realm of life of”a man is as light as a chrysanthemum.   People are as light as chrysanthemums,coming from”elegance”in”poetry”of situ Kong:”Jade pots buy spring,enjoy the rain in the thatched cottage,sit in the beautiful ladies,cultivate bamboos […]

How many people can truly experience such artistic conception in life?

  The years have gone without vicissitudes,and everything has vanished.There are books and Dan Cha in the central garden,walking in the garden.At the invitation of friends,it is peaceful to speak a little prose of the Analects of Confucius every day,life is with the rain of Feng Dan,and there is nothing to do.   No longer entangled in intangible or tangible,everything […]

This spring,this April,everything will be fine.We will also be stronger and go on bravely.

  April is a day when people say lies without being blamed;A day when people miss them;A day when people are full of money.   For me,this year’s April may be unforgettable forever;For many fans,it is even more an insurmountable day.   This year,I have experienced many firsts in my life and even witnessed the history.   Just yesterday,March 31,the national college […]