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On the left is the Qingcheng Road,on the right is the mountain hydrology

  Life is a whole city,but it is of extraordinary significance.A good life is nothing but Achievement and harvest.The reality is just a clear sky sketch.The world is wonderful,just reaching the horizon.   The extraordinary life has blossomed,the fragrance has left language,and the eyes and hearts have become content.The achievement paid for today,realized with confidence,and made time original.Walking in the […]

I hope we can experience less frustrations and more sweetness in our life.

  In the present era,most people’s love should be free love.   We are looking for the other half in the vast sea of people.   Meeting may be a shoulder-piercing or a dinner.Maybe it was a joke,a journey,a small accident.   The love mode of parents at that time was disliked by most people.Relative introduction,matchmaker introduction.The model we think is very […]

 Do you begin to miss the plain but beautiful days in the past and the happiness of family

  At the beginning of the new year,everyone’s life seems to become heavy,and the whole world is reminding us to learn to cherish.When a disaster comes without warning,and when misfortune comes to us,we thought there would be a long future,however,we deeply realized the impermanence of the world.We thought that love could flow slowly,but suddenly the sky was different!   I […]

 No matter whether you have time or not

  I think”coming as promised”is a very beautiful word.Although the process of waiting is hard,the result has never been let down.   In ordinary days,we always have to wait for a snowfall,a blooming flower and a person to come.Therefore,waiting was like a waste at that time,and the final discovery was also a process to go through.   We may have to […]

Looking up at the one beside him,the tubular tower is at least 50 meters high,and each blade is about 20 meters long.

  Yangchun March,fenghurinuan,embankment Yang Liu Yiyi,mountain wild flowers glare.The beautiful niucao mountain must give off a strong smell of spring.After staying at home for two months,our family decided to drive there.   Because of the installation of wind turbines,niucao Mountain has become a beautiful scenery in our mountain city:blue sky and white clouds,the setting sun is slanting,on the Rolling Ridge,a […]

The season of warm spring and blooming flowers is a beautiful season.

  Life is not easy.You need to have a broad heart.If you have a broad heart,Qian Lu will naturally become broad.   People,like all creatures,have lives.Everyone’s life is a rough journey of mountains and rivers.In this journey,it is impossible to be vigorous.Ordinary is the common thing.   Plain and light is a rare mood,an open mind and a leisurely and comfortable […]

After entering,the more I listened to this song,the more I couldn’t extricate myself!

  Happiness,what a wonderful commendatory term!People are full of happiness,sweetness,and even can forget too many worries and pains!But what on earth is happiness!   I think there are 1,000 different definitions of happiness for 1,000 people!   My understanding of happiness can be explained by the most important lyrics of”happiness”of Nakajima Meixue,which is about happiness.There are only two kinds,one of which […]

The inevitable metabolism of the grower is also.

  Oh,shit!I glanced at teacher Lei secretly.Hum,he was happy.   The door was pushed open with a”squeak”.More than 50 students in the classroom all stood up and looked at the class schedule on the blackboard habitually-math class.This is not the case.mathsteacher,who is full of vigour,has stood at the door of the classroom,glancing at the classroom with his usual critical eyes.The […]