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  I hope that the beauty in the world is only linked with you,and what you forget is the love you embrace.

  Willows are elegant,and flowers are in full bloom.In such a season full of fragrance,we enlarge our senses and constantly wash away the memories paused in our minds.The blank occupies the center and spreads around until it disappears.   Those sentiments and sorrows,once lost and abandoned,were buried in our bodies as if they had been scalded by a soldering iron.Maybe […]

whole winter.I have seen you for a spring,they are all watching.

  Drunk lying in the sunset,brushing hands late.Once I saw you,I burst into tears.   Baizhuanqianhui,quivering line.I have heard that you are still guarding an isolated city.   1,001st times of Midnight Dream,1,001st times of guarding this barren city.What a hope!The Phoenix can come to this ruins,and it has been carried into many desolate cities.   I will copy you for a […]