Tianyi Valley, also known as Huaying Mountain Grand Canyon

Longxugou and Tianhe in the cave, is enough to attract your attention.
We drove to the gate of the scenic spot at half past nine A.M. with full expectation. On the right side of the door is an antique castle built of stone, on which is a watchtower with wooden structure and blue tile roof. This is the “barbarian Watchtower” with a long history “. Several big characters of “The Valley of Heaven’s will” suddenly appeared, and the daughter exclaimed, “the Valley of Heaven’s will, what a nice name!”
When entering the scenic spot, a cool wind came towards us, which made people feel refreshed. The sound of water was pleasant to hear, just like playing a beautiful “welcome song”. Looking up at the opposite mountain rock, a spectacular waterfall appeared, the waterfall is small above and Big below, just like a “water Buddha”. The surging water hit the rock, rushing down, Zhuji jumping and splashing thousands of snowflakes. Dozens of meters away, the water and mist pervaded, just like the goddess of Bashan brushing her face with light gauze, greeting guests from all over the world. This is “waterfall welcoming guests”. Under the waterfall is a deep pool and Shoal, where many tourists are wading and playing, taking photos.
Walking along the plank road for a few steps, you will reach a corner, where one side is against the mountain, the rocks protrude, and the other side is near the water. The road is narrow and only one person can pass, no wonder there are several characters on the stone wall, “the emperor is also close to him! Turning over the corner, we can see that on both sides of the canyon, high rocks and huge stones are interlaced with each other. Among them, there are two large stones, one is “stone gate”, the other is “Sky open”, which forms the gate to guard the mouth of the canyon, and there is a big “one man is the gate, it is called” Shimen pass “because there is no way to open”, which is the entrance of Huaying Mountain Grand Canyon.
Along the way, the path is winding and rugged, and the strange stones beside the road Lin Li. Walking along the stream, the stream is clear to the bottom with a little green, which is comparable to the water in Jiuzhaigou Valley! The stream is slow and urgent. Spring water can be seen everywhere from the crack of the stone, forming water columns of different shapes. The gurgling sound of water is like a song “mountain and water” playing, so pleasant to hear!
Such water can be seen everywhere, water comes from the sky! No wonder it is also called “Tianhe in the cave”! The large and small waterfalls in the scenic spot are very distinctive, with the magnificence of flying straight down, the graceful and graceful of the Flower and Fruit Mountain and the Water Curtain Cave waterfall, as well as the soft beauty of a small family. The large and small waterfalls constitute the unique scenery of Tianyi Valley.
Looking around, the Green Mountains and silvery water curtains make up dazzling and charming pictures, which make people overwhelmed and beautiful! The faint scent of grass and trees in the water mist came to the nose, and the floating clouds and mist on the mountainside seemed like a fairyland! This quiet place is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making you forget the tiredness of the journey. People are integrated with the sky, the Earth, the mountain and the water. We shout, the flowing water should follow; We sing loudly, Echo singing; We laugh, Heaven and Earth resonate. There are more and more people, helping the old with the young, in groups. Everyone plays and takes photos here, enjoying the happiness of family ties and feeling the interest of nature.
The Providence Valley, the waterfall falling from the sky, the mysterious cave, the gushing spring breaking out of the wall, the odd-shaped and weird rocks, and the multifarious and multifarious mountains make up your splendid spectacle, A magnificent picture of nature is amazing, which makes us have to marvel at the magic work of nature! Tianyi Valley is wonderful and lingering!

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