For the rest of our life,I hope that we can learn to go alone

  I don’t know if anyone occasionally feels that the older a person grows,the more lonely he is.

  In the past,we always wanted someone to accompany us.Later,we gradually got used to a person and began to like the state of a person,because we understood that everyone had his own life and no one would accompany us all the time,even the closest person!

  I was unhappy before and always wanted to find someone to talk to.Later I learned to digest my emotions alone.I would rather stay in silence than talk about the past.Because I understand how fragile the relationship is,no one likes to listen to negative energy.In the past,we always imagined the future.We should be good friends with someone for the rest of our life,and hold hands with someone we like in our hearts until we get angry!Later,you seldom think about things that you can’t touch,because you have to admit that meeting is fate,but you need luck when you get old.Some people always have to go,so we can only cherish the present!Life is a journey.Not all people are looking at the same map.Some people happen to walk together and will accompany you for a while.But there are still many things that you want to do or don’t want to do,you can only do them by yourself,and there are still many dark or sunny moments that you can only experience by yourself.The loneliness we are experiencing is called Confusion.The loneliness we have experienced is called growth.Therefore,there is no need to be afraid of the necessary growth.

  In fact,human beings are a very magical existence.You can’t let go of some words when you tell them 10,000 times,but when you are alone,you suddenly feel relieved.It seems that it is no big deal to find them.It is true.We are all thinking that when we are sad,we will be comforted,and when we are lonely,we will be accompanied.But have you found that you have really saved yourself from those pains,actually we are all ourselves.Those most difficult moments are all survived by us alone under the cure of time!

  In the long way of life,we will constantly cultivate ourselves to be stronger,no longer escape,no longer be weak,learn to be alone,adapt to a person,also begin to like a person.Those who come should cherish,those who go should give up,those who own should be grateful,and those who separate should be put down.There are always many disappointments in one’s life.What one wants is always not so easy to get.If one wants to wear a crown,one must bear its weight.Life is your own after all.Instead of shrinking and complaining,it is better to go forward bravely.Don’t be discouraged,don’t make do with it,don’t give up.No matter how many thorns there are,there will always be an end,fate will not let down a person who runs hard!

  no matter whether there is anyone accompanying us or not,because only by accumulating the courage and confidence to face life,can you not be afraid of accidents,not afraid of someone’s sudden departure!

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