The inevitable metabolism of the grower is also.

  Oh,shit!I glanced at teacher Lei secretly.Hum,he was happy.

  The door was pushed open with a”squeak”.More than 50 students in the classroom all stood up and looked at the class schedule on the blackboard habitually-math class.This is not the case.mathsteacher,who is full of vigour,has stood at the door of the classroom,glancing at the classroom with his usual critical eyes.The pair of glasses with unknown degrees on his head is filled with frightening white light:hum,no wonder senior brothers and sisters described him artistically:”Looking at the starry sky”.He took a slow step and walked to the platform unhurriedly.He picked up the”baby”pointer unhurriedly.After dawdling for a while,he slowly uttered two words:”class!”

  ”Well,students should have previewed what I taught today?”Teacher Lei said to us with a smile.”Yes-“”students are dragging helpless voices.”OK,let’s look at it for another five minutes.The content is simple.I won’t talk about it……”What?You stopped talking?Hum,aren’t you a teacher?I am so angry.Miserable.I didn’t preview it last night.I thought this teacher Lei could speak,but he……No,read the book quickly.It’s better to hold Buddha’s feet temporarily than to sit and wait for death.I picked up the book.I couldn’t read it,and I couldn’t understand it.Oh,shit!I glanced at teacher Lei secretly.Hum,he was happy.I looked at my classmates around again.Hee,it seems that there are still many”difficult friends!

  ”OK,have you finished watching?”Teacher Lei was happy again,”I’ll talk about the difficulties again,students look at the blackboard……”Teacher Lei spoke happily and endlessly.In the end,he said proudly,”this is to train everyone’s self-study ability.Be serious and grasp the key points.Next,according to the convention-calculate on the blackboard.Well,I’ll invite someone.”He clung to the pointer and began to call people.Needless to say,I have already been scared to death.I hope my”Mr.Nan Guo”will not be as”unfortunate”as in the story”……

  I didn’t know how to get through a lesson.Although I was thrilled and had no danger,I also suffered a lot.After a long Yi Zhi,I didn’t dare to do it again.Hum,this”old lei”!

  ”There is a problem with this question,no answer……”

  Teacher Lei tilted his head and thought for a long time,then compared and scratched.Finally,he said:OK,the next time is self-study.Students raise their hands if they have any questions,and I will answer them one by one.”

  I walked proudly to the platform,pointing at the question he said just now that there was no answer:”I think it can be figured out.”

  ”Can?No,look,I’ll add two auxiliary lines……Only one point can be figured out……”

  ”But,”I handed the notebook with a smile,”What if I add it in the opposite direction?”

  ”So,”he pondered,”first find this angle,then……”

  ”Right!”Seeing him silent,I was very proud,”Yes……This……Yes!”He finally raised his head and said sincerely,”I didn’t think of it at first.OK,very good.Put the picture on the blackboard.I want to correct it to my classmates.”

  I took the triangle from his hand and felt his eyes smiling,a satisfied smile……

  He sat on the platform angrily,with his textbook lying aside and glaring at us from time to time.Students had to sit on their seats obediently.

  ”Hum,I have never taught you such a serious student!The homework was so bad that it was very annoying,messy and unreasonable.I didn’t speak actively in class,especially many female students,alas……Also,there is no diligent and easy-to-ask style at all.The students I taught before asked me about this and that after class.What about you?Hum!I don’t care about you”

  54 heads hang down,the classroom is silent,

  After the class was over,teacher Lei discussed remedial measures with the representative of the department.

  It is strange to say that the whole class has obviously improved their math scores after his”torment.

  Everyone has the habit of self-study,the ability of independent thinking,active class,no longer boring”x Ten y”……The students were surprised to find that their abilities were enhanced in the silent exercise.

  But teacher Lei shook his head:”This is only the first step.”

  Teacher Lei has occupied a position on the platform with his proud head.”This is a math self-study,I want to talk about math methods with my classmates……”The voice did not fall,and the classroom was full of bitterness.”Don’t listen!”Teacher Lei changed his smiling face and lengthened his face.This trick is not bad,the students are tamed-the fool is going out!”OK,now please open the book,let’s talk about how to take the exam……”Soon,the students were attracted by this ingenious mathematics lecture,and some even spread out their notebooks.

  ……Teacher Lei was happy again and sniffed happily.Suddenly,a simple and loud sneeze shocked four seats.All the students who were stunned laughed:”Ha ha……”

  ”Don’t laugh”teacher Lei maintained his”dignity”with a faint smile:”Teacher caught a cold,still laughing!”

  ”Ha ha……”Another burst of laughter.

  The classroom door was pushed open again,and the familiar figure of teacher Lei came into sight again.Love was permeated in the classroom again.In every student’s heart,there was a silent call:

  ”Thank you,teacher.”

  But expect or wait,live together with worry and hope,and walk together with sorrow and joy.Fool thinks that how can growth wait,only hope can be the same.

  The annoyance,the inevitable life pressure.When you are a child,you are afraid of a young man like a tiger.What are you afraid?If you lose your colorful clothes to amuse your relatives and fall into the joy of your friends,you only wish to be young and not to grow up;If you are at the beginning of the Crown,you will be afraid of youth like wolves.What are you afraid?The elegance of leaving school and the common custom of falling Fu Shi are only willing to be young and not willing to grow up;What are you afraid of when you stand up at the same time and fear that you will be as good as your wife?Lost Cause of the fight,fall friends after dust,oh that young,to grow;Met Jiazi,fear elderly such as owl,suo wei who what?The loss of life is not far from death.Fear is so,how can growth not bother.

  However,it is better to wait for the old age than seize every minute.Gan Luo Zhi Yu can’t be sought,and the only hope is to take the ambition of the San Su as an extension,to seek the contrast between the White Horse and the gap,to avoid the easy aging of Feng and Tang,and to take the ability of honesty and honesty,strong will and generous,forget each other;Only take positive waiting,give up negative expectation,with the wisdom of Chinese youth,become the youth of China.If so,a thousand miles of ambition will not be treated by the old man,and the heart will not last forever.Although the turtle is longevity,it can also be youth,and although the epiphyllum is short,it can also be fragrant.

  Years ever stand,shi zai han chuang,decades workplace,officialdom ups and downs,but a lowly official;Natural daily still vehement,weekly still writing,Yu Shuhai swim in the Yu Rensheng in experience,practice ideal,committed to peak.Although there is no achievement in the past 30 years,the expectation will not be reduced and the hope will not fall.The young people have not experienced it,and the middle-aged and old people can also be healthy.

  Looking at the composition of this year’s college entrance examination,I used the wine glass to pour the block in my heart and wrote it with a writing brush.The paper was full of absurdity.Although it was out of the question,it was also done.The unknown boy Zhang Shule remembered it.

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