Looking up at the one beside him,the tubular tower is at least 50 meters high,and each blade is about 20 meters long.

  Yangchun March,fenghurinuan,embankment Yang Liu Yiyi,mountain wild flowers glare.The beautiful niucao mountain must give off a strong smell of spring.After staying at home for two months,our family decided to drive there.

  Because of the installation of wind turbines,niucao Mountain has become a beautiful scenery in our mountain city:blue sky and white clouds,the setting sun is slanting,on the Rolling Ridge,a slip of silver fan is rotating the paddle,the green grass on the slope is like green grass,and the whole body is as smooth as silk and satin.It is leisurely rolling the grass,and its tail is constantly shaking……Why isn’t this a fascinating picture?

  The car drove out of the county road and entered the unknown Road.Gradually,the road was narrow and the slope was big.I drove the car cautiously.As soon as I climbed up the slope,I suddenly heard a thick and low”boom”sound from the top.He raised his eyes,”Wow!”We all screamed.The luxuriant bamboo in front of us was dyed with a layer of immortal spirit by the gauze-like cloud and mist,and the huge towers and paddles were exposed behind US shadowfully,which was far beyond our imagination.Looking right in front of my eyes,the navigation showed that there were still several kilometers left.I dared not to be distracted.I walked along the winding winding winding mountain road,turning around and finally drove the car to the substation.Several cars had been parked along the road,and the path was still extending upward.We decided to abandon the car and walk.

  ”Even if there is no rain in the Qing Ming,it will be stained with clothes in the deep clouds.”The mountain two different worlds:mountain sunshine lazy,clothes Bo Feng light;Mountain fog,cold wind blowing.We huddled our necks,held our chests with both hands,and looked at the misty figure of the fan on the ridge dozens of meters away from the left side,but we dared not to climb up.We had to go along the mountain road,and we had to warm up first.

  Fog locks smoke,and the mountains are hidden.The cloud and mist on the top of the mountain seemed to be not satisfied.If we wanted to expand our territory,we would spread it downwards,and the pine trees on the hillside would slowly fade from verdant to disappearing.Cloud way lang ben shi tu,Pines pieces swallowed.When encountering the sunken place,the peak head of the cloud and mist will be vertically downward like a waterfall,filling the whole sunken ground and then slowly overflowing,while the upper part will continue to fall,forming a wonder of the intersection of upper and lower parts.After a while,the cloud and mist flooded the whole concave and continued to move forward.The hillside was gradually invisible,but the slow and heavy roar made by the blade rotation was clearly audible.”Live in a high voice”,I thought:if it weren’t for this thick fog,the sound would be louder and spread further.

  At the end of the road is a small”Guanyin Temple”.Standing up at the Mountain Gate,clouds surged in front of my eyes,white waves rolled,and nothing could be seen at a little distance.Suddenly the familiar voice came into the ears again,still so deep and gentle.Looking at the sound,a tall tower and three rotating paddles in the hazy eyes.Between the Shu Hu,the cloud and mist swallowed everything again,only the sound was neither slow nor slow,endless.

  When we went back to the substation,we were all warm,so we climbed to the flat ground on the slope,but we couldn’t enjoy ourselves.On non-jian feng,lower missing gully.There are 33 tall and mighty fans standing on the mountain.Needless to say,the three or four fans in the distance are also”still holding the pipa and half covering the face”.

  The speed is not fast in the roaring mountain wind,but the sound is not small.The tall and thick tower,like the warrior guarding the border,was silent and rooted in the ridge;The sharp and thin paddle looked like a beautiful and enchanting woman,whose skirt was flying and the dance was graceful;the sound of the fan,like the prairie folk song that hits the heart,is long and soothing,vigorous and heroic.Wind is a clean and pollution-free renewable energy,in fact,there are solar energy,geothermal energy,wave energy and so on.In today’s world,many countries are researching,developing and utilizing new energy.I believe that one day,protecting and improving the ecological environment and realizing sustainable development will no longer be just a beautiful blueprint.

  Driving down the mountain in the afternoon,the mountain was still sunny.We can still hear the singing of the paddle in our ears,while we are thinking in our hearts that we must see the beauty of Niu Caoshan next time……

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