Then,I saw another Green Road on the wall.

  A few days ago,I wrote a poem about spring.

  ”Spring is so good/go to the mountain field/go to the field/see the flowers bloom/see the grass grow/see the leaves Green

  Spring is so good/go to the Riverside/go to the woods/listen to the water flow/listen to the birds’chirps/Ting Yu fall

  Spring is so good/beautiful spring/I am busy rolling/I have no time/But I still feel/love spring/love spring”

  When writing this poem,it was the break time after work,and it was also the most beautiful afternoon in spring.

  Standing on the flat ground in the sky after a light spring rain.At that time,I looked up at the spotless beautiful sky cleaned by the spring rain.The gentle sunlight is also so beautiful.It has been busy for a long time and hasn’t had a holiday.Standing under the outside world,I found spring was so beautiful for the first time.

  Therefore,while watching,I was thinking,when will I have time to go out,have a good look at Spring,enjoy the beautiful scenery of Spring,and then write about spring?

  At that time,in the limited rest time,after thinking for a while,I wrote this simple poem to express my love for spring at that time.

  Unexpectedly,after a few days,every time I came back from work,I first saw the green belt in the middle of the asphalt road.Those seemingly dead yellow-flowered Suzuki,after a spring rain,on a smoky and rainy night,all of a sudden,the trees blossomed and the beautiful yellow flowers blossomed.

  In those nights,every time I passed by that asphalt road and under that tree,I would stop even if the night was deep.First of all,I was surprised that the yellow flowers blossomed by Suzuki turned out to be so beautiful.Beauty could not be described in words.This is also the first time in my life that I have seen plants blossoming so beautiful.If you have seen it,you will certainly marvel at the beautiful flowers and trees in this world like me.

  What surprised me more was that it was early spring,and it was late at night.It was just a spring rain at that time.In the late night of the city,in the dark night after the rain,I suddenly met such a beautiful flower and tree.It is conceivable that I was really in a happy mood!

  The beautiful blooming yellow flowers are cluster by cluster.Under the night,under the reflection of city street lamps,on the dead branches,the color of the yellow flowers was blooming,which was particularly dazzling and gorgeous.I saw the beautiful scenery.At that time,I immediately took photos with my mobile phone,and even if the beautiful pictures were put in the circle of friends,no one believed that they were taken with my mobile phone……

  I walked all the way to the wall and looked at it all the way.I found a very attractive beautiful scenery outside the wall fence,which was the triangle plum blossom,or triangle plum with red flowers.

  When I saw the triangle plum with red flowers,I first thought of a poem in my heart,”a red apricot comes out of the Wall”.You see,the triangle plum,the red flower,blooms so brightly and luxuriantly on the wall in spring,and extends outside the wall,which is really a beautiful scene,out of the limelight……

  Spring is beautiful,so I like spring very much.Today,I passed by the green road again and saw those triangle plum blossoms with red flowers.Then I patted them again and wrote a paragraph:”I can’t go to the mountains and fields,I can’t go to the fields,take the city greening people walking as the running path in childhood memory,and regard the wall as a wall in the mountains or fields.Look at the green trees,the red flowers,the dark sky and the wet ground,spring is so beautiful in my heart!”

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