The moon climbed up the sky quietly and put on a black coat for the Sun. Then the night came.

A busy day always passes quickly, and it is night again unconsciously. People in the small town like to take a walk after dinner, which may be influenced by the sentence “walk a hundred steps after dinner and live to ninety-nine”, but it is more to kill time. Because the rural areas are no better than the big cities, the shops have been closed one after another at seven or eight o’clock, while the big cities are still full of lights, a prosperous scene of the city that never sleeps.
In the past, there were not many places for people to walk, which were streets, roads or country roads. Now it is different. A few years ago, a village under the jurisdiction of the small town was classified into the category of “beautiful countryside” construction. After a long time of planning and construction, it has now become a convenient and happy place for the people. Therefore, it has become a good place for people to kill time at night.
There is a pond in the village, which is full of lotus flowers. Every summer, it is always full of the whole pond. In order to make it convenient for people to watch, when planning at the beginning, a plank road was specially built here to make people shuttle through it and enjoy the beauty of nature as much as possible. One flower, two flowers, hundreds of thousands, I don’t know whether people are appreciating or flowers are watching. Under the influence of pungent fragrance, people seem to forget the worries of the day. The bright moonlight, the quiet night, the Lotus everywhere and the moonlight in the lotus pond are probably the same.
Next to the pond is an agricultural farming area, which is separated by several staggered paths. This planting area was originally a paddy field. Because people’s lives have been improved, the number of people living on farming is decreasing day by day. In order not to waste the land, the local village committee contracted the land to others. As a result, fresh vegetables and fruits such as Chinese cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, balsam pear, pea, leek and rape flower grow according to the season, those old people who used to make a living by farming saw new fruits on the land where they worked hard for half a lifetime. They felt so happy that they finally failed to live up to their love for this land.
There is a path across the planting area, which is the main road for people to walk. This road is equipped with antique Chinese streetlights, wooden benches for people to rest, corridors, Quadrangle pavilions, hexagonal pavilions, and long tents for people to hide from the rain. These convenient facilities add a trace of ancient charm to the world, making people calm in it.
On this road, you can see pedestrians who rest, couples who talk about family affairs and even children who play and play. They all add a little anger to this. And the Pavilion became more lively. Besides some people resting, there were also singers. This is not a professional singer, but some people who like singing bring their own equipment. They stretch their songs to their heart’s content every night, because they are in the fields of the country, so they don’t care about disturbing people at all. Even if there is no accompaniment of frogs, cicadas and birds in winter nights, they can burn the whole winter with passion.
Among the many wooden buildings in the planting area, the most dazzling one is the wooden bridge standing among them. The wooden bridge is inlaid with colored lights of various colors. These colored lights of different colors are just like stars in the night sky. They decorate the wooden bridge with their own lights in a fantastic way, it is like a magpie bridge above the nine-day Milky Way.
However, beautiful things always don’t last long, and this magpie bridge is fleeting like a meteor. A group of children with strong hands-on ability wanted to pry into the mystery of the starry sky, so the stars fell and the Queqiao had no light. They still don’t understand that the reason why stars are beautiful is that they are hanging in the sky, which makes people have expectations. Once you hold them in your hands, you will lose the original mystery.
What is most anticipated in this season is the most innermost rape flower planting area. The common side dishes on the dining table become standing out of the crowd when they are planted in pieces. The Golden sea of flowers with a height of one person can always attract people to take photos as a souvenir. Looking at its growth, presumably the flowering period is approaching. When it is full, how desirable it is!
The end of the year is approaching. Flowers treat people back. Those who go home may as well go here and have a look, taste a wisp of fragrance, reduce a bit of worry, enjoy a clean and innocent heart, and be a brilliant dream.

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