wandering in the moonlight,just missing the figure in the alley……

  There are four earth walls,and the raised roof is covered with a thick layer of wheat straw.This is the Thatched Cottage of hometown.Three big rooms with two small rooms used to be standard for ordinary family buildings.Main room most faces south.The kitchen is on the left with the door open to the West.Both form a right angle.However,there is a gap in the middle.The alley was born in this way.

  The alley which is more than three meters long is narrow and delicate.Native ground without any facilities.It seems extremely common,and people almost ignore its existence.The spring breeze blows my face,and the moonlight falls in the alley.The children gathered here to play hide-and-seek.The jujube tree at the corner of the alley is the base camp.Members of one side hide,and members of the other side look for it.If the number of captures exceeds half,it is a victory.If more than half of the hiding parties touch the jujube trees and are not touched by their opponents,they will enjoy the treatment of victory.I am often entrusted by my partners with the important task of housekeeping,especially taking care of jujube trees.Sometimes they would hide in the alleys,and the opponents would rush to the base camp if they mistakenly thought that we were out of the nest.Little imagine,I deliberately exposed the flaw and tempted it to take the bait.Before the Playmate came into contact with the jujube tree,he quickly attacked from the corner of the alley to complete the task of arresting.Of course,the opponent is not so stupid.Occasionally,one person comes first to test and the rest lies behind.I made great contributions and was eager to catch up with them.Unexpectedly,I got the other side’s plan to leave the mountain.Several opponents touched the jujube tree,and my partner went back from all over and could only accept punishment.Those who learn chicken sounds,those who imitate dog sounds,and those who do push-ups……At this time,the noise of the children in the neighboring village rose one after another,which was very lively.Eat a bite and grow Yi Zhi.We grow up gradually,Become smart.Many good scenes are frozen in time and space.The Moonlight is still so bright,and the alley is still that alley.

  Every summer night when the curtain falls,the moon sprinkles silver glow.The shadow of jujube tree tilted,and the alley was half gray and half white.The children sat on the bench swaying their fans,listening to the story.As soon as Grandpa’s gesture was finished,Grandma’s voice resounded through the whole stage.Magic Pen Ma Liang,Wang Mian painting,hanging beam,Cowherd and weaving maid……It’s wonderful to say,and I’m fascinated by it.Of course,there are also stories about animals,which are full of enlightenment;Chapters that cannot be named are full of fun;Fragments of those ghosts are creepy.The moon rises,and the alleys fade away from darkness.The young children soared up the stools and jumped into the house,throwing away the gushing fear.The Moonlight is clear and the alleys are quiet.The shadow of jujube tree is shorter and shorter,but the story is longer and longer.They are all deposited in the alley.

  The breeze brings rice fragrance,and the sunset is full of the Earth.The path bends and the cattle peristalsis.The shepherd boy laughed all the way.After arriving home,the cattle will return to the shed.Above the roof ridge of the thatched cottage,Emei Moon showed a handsome appearance.The alley next door was full of people,and storytelling was broadcast on the radio.”All Brothers!Long live,trapped in Niutou Mountain,Jin Wushu is suppressing the mountain.As the saying goes,’keep the army for a thousand days,and use the army for a while.This commander led everyone to search for the enemy’s army’s retreat and rush to the high mountain.Therefore,everyone should be brave and take the lead.Everyone will be rewarded for rescuing the holy drive.Which one is afraid of death to retreat,will not forgive.Sanjun Erlang,Rush!……'”The female storyteller speaks with passion and sends out”Ah!Ah!Ah”simulation sound.Yue Fei lead mighty force washed up on Niutoushan,really magnificent.Naughty partners also listened obediently,lengthened their necks and seemed to be looking for something.As soon as the words”want to know how the situation is,listen to the next paragraph”came out,all the people scattered with bowls.The radio station of”Biography of Yue Fei”finished broadcasting,and that radio station resumed broadcasting again.Hear passes difficult to count,word also familiar.Later,successively listened to the Yang Jiajiang of the San Xia Wu Yi of the suitangyanyi”and other works.The Moonlight lights up the time of listening to lectures,and the alleys show a different kind of prosperity.

  The Mid-Autumn Festival is especially bright.A small table with many stools.On the table is our favorite thing.Several thin green apples surrounded the small moon cakes,and the sugar cakes looked crowded.With Grandma’s order,we Wolf up and eat.The belly is full.Our little faces seemed to be painted on the moon,and the alleys gave out hearty laughter.

  Turn one page of the calendar.Jujube trees are bare,just like simple woodcut prints.The Moonlight poured down the earth,and bundles of reeds crowded the alleys.Children rarely out hide-and-seek.When the cold wind blows,the jujube trees whine.Reed leaves pull strings,telling the loneliness of winter.The alley was silent in the moonlight……

  Now,the thatched cottage in hometown has disappeared.Tall buildings instead,courtyard next to courtyards.Jujube trees have already reached the end of life.At that time,my friends were old and young.Busy like a spinning top,there is little time to hug the moonlight.I am used to walking

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