In winter,you are deeply bred.The cold wind blows hard and the heavy snow flies.

  When the cool wind is going on,the warmth gradually leaves the embrace of summer,and the years are slowly stepping into the late autumn.Rows of green leaves surround people’s eyes and are rewarming those scattered memories in the cool wind.Some of them are happy and some are sad.They are all pondering carefully and tasting patiently.

  In spring,you sprout happily.Spring,ice ablation.When Yangchun wakes up your dream in March,you will immediately open your sleepy eyes and start the course of life from then on.The warm wind fluttered and the drizzle moistened.Those buds were shouting and stretching out from the branches.Almost overnight,the bleak of the branches disappeared without a trace and were replaced by the full of green.

  In summer,you grow vigorously.The sun shines brightly,and the heat waves roll.When the fiery June passed,you never cared.You are growing up indulging in the heat.In the summer world,those endless green waves flow unscrupulously among the branches and leaves,which adds a layer of beautiful colors to people’s memories.Walking in such a scenery,you harvest the sunshine of life and the vitality of life.

  In autumn,you fall down smartly.”A leaf falls,and we know the autumn of the world”.The frost in autumn made the green leaves plated with a layer of golden or a layer of rainbow.From obscurity,they instantly became the object of people’s attention and the focus of chasing.Therefore,they entered into people’s scenes,into people’s qq photo albums,into people’s WeChat and into people’s memories.People are competing to appreciate and circulate.The autumn scenery became their visual feast.

  You put rebirth in the beautiful hope again.You know deeply that the breeding of life cannot be separated from the baptism of cold,because only in this way can life be stronger.”How can we see the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain”.It becomes your firm belief again.So,in the cold wind,we saw you.So,in the flying snow,we saw you.Face life with smile and never bow to fate.Because you always believe that next spring will still have the wonderful life of you.

  A piece of green leaves are carved in people’s memories in this way.A piece of fallen leaves,thus encountering the scenery of the four seasons of the year.It may be so ordinary,just a member of millions of troops.When they are rippling on the branches,when they are tiling on the ground,they are doomed to be so precious by the reincarnation of life and facing them bravely again and again.

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