whole winter.I have seen you for a spring,they are all watching.

  Drunk lying in the sunset,brushing hands late.Once I saw you,I burst into tears.

  Baizhuanqianhui,quivering line.I have heard that you are still guarding an isolated city.

  1,001st times of Midnight Dream,1,001st times of guarding this barren city.What a hope!The Phoenix can come to this ruins,and it has been carried into many desolate cities.

  I will copy you for a lifetime,talk about your talent for a lifetime,and make you prosperous for a lifetime.

  1,001 Nights,waiting.I wish the wind could bring the sound of cicadas,including my fairy tales for a summer,making me miss for an autumn,making me warm for a winter and giving me hope for a spring.

  The rhetoric is gorgeous and too illusory,just like the sunset can never see the sunrise,even if the spring water beside the river is buried for a whole winter.Even if you don’t live here,you are still guarding the lonely city.I heard that you are always alone.

  I heard that you are still the original model Xiang,and you have never changed your hair.

  Have beauty Xi,drunk sunset,fu shou late months.

  There is a beauty,looking at Fu Shi happiness.

  Ancients drunk leaning wine thousand sorrow,Sai Lau alone on throu the empty.

  For the whole summer,I have never heard the cicadas brought by the wind.I have been missing for the whole autumn and the

  I was lucky to hear the sound brought by the wind.At first it was lingering,but at the end it was hysterical.Buried in the soil,just for a summer.

  I have seen the sky,smelled the fragrance of flowers,felt life and felt pain.I defend this city,just because the land can be left.People are everywhere.

  In the midnight dream,I wiped away the tears at the corner of my eyes and smiled lightly.It was another different dream!

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