On the left is the Qingcheng Road,on the right is the mountain hydrology

  Life is a whole city,but it is of extraordinary significance.A good life is nothing but Achievement and harvest.The reality is just a clear sky sketch.The world is wonderful,just reaching the horizon.

  The extraordinary life has blossomed,the fragrance has left language,and the eyes and hearts have become content.The achievement paid for today,realized with confidence,and made time original.Walking in the clear sky,the whole journey was completed,Fang Wenli grew up,the unfolded vision,the hidden edge,and the operation turned well.

  The whole world is a rare tea house.

  The butterflies with broken cocoons of spring grass,the starry fields Xia He in full bloom,the waves managed by autumn leaves,and the tidal River created by winter eaves are nothing more than the multi-Ink Development of love and thoughts,nothing more than the gold flying in the clouds with love,it is nothing more than the situation holding hands with the kite and the country,it is nothing more than the natural visit of poetry and books.

  The whole city is full of charm.

  The reality is self-service,the works are for the ink painting,meaning into the architectural connotation,aesthetics is the soil of life.

  The scenery knocks on the willows of February,and the flowers of May are held in the window.The landscape calmly brings red beans of October,and the world of life blooms fireworks.

  It is a city road that ushered in a path.The words are rich and the eyes are full of fun,understanding and reading.It is a city with wind rushing to a place with clouds,trees and wildfire shuttling back and forth to form a spiritual blessing,it is a kind of love dynamic,and it is the stage of the charm of a city that gives birth to the sea.

  View allure landscape,reward star Moon real virtual.

  The Jade flickered in the painting,and the tiles were dazzling in the text.The glorious time had nothing to do with the fearlessness of the years,and the brilliance left the light and shadow in the boat today.

  Imagination also carries bowls,chopsticks and other firewood and rice,oil,salt and live fish and birds are waiting for the fragrance.The phenomenon has overshadowed such experience,and the inspiration has made it clear how to know what you want.

  Mountains and rivers are brilliant in the sky,and the palm is a couplet on the earth.Life is a symbol of the state in the eyes and thoughts,and life is a burning in the situation.

  Left is the unknown in front,but there is always known as today’s world,right is known behind,but there is always unknown re-identifying different places.

  Important direction life the main life,the whole world gives rich reality,oneself has more exclusive arrival of life and soul,self is more active to realize the out-of-print change of spirit.

  The classic pace is to make reality into its own diamond,and the charm stage is to create time into its own ring.Life needs Qing Cheng,life is more extraordinary,and reality needs the whole world,the ideal is more vigorous step by step.

  the heart of the world elegant guests,love to become the host of life.The flowing left and right is the time when the world is rotating,and it gets the starting light of the reality before and after.

  Already like the city,the road is near and life is high.

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