Companionship is the longest confession

  Can the story be simpler?From then on,the sky is transparent and your appearance is clearly visible.

  There is Jiamu in the south and Lovesickness in the north,and you are my blessing day after day.

  The wind in July and the rain in August,but there is still no you in September.

  At the beginning of life,I have been walking and moving forward step by step.All The Beautiful Life mentioned,however,is rare.I still feel that in such a long time,there is a long way ahead.It is probably the last destiny to experience all the sufferings in the world and experience such a repeated cycle of life,old age,illness and death.When being spoiled by life and being bruised all over the body,what he said would be that all kinds of poisons would not invade.In the end,the heart was like stopping water and the vicissitudes of life were peaceful.

  Childish,mature,calm and perished.Life is like the splendor of summer flowers,and death is like the quiet beauty of autumn leaves.

  I have spent nearly half of my life muddleheaded,but there is no story to tell.Looking at the sky,you are everywhere.

  About reading,it is really insignificant.Compared with many books that others have read,it seems that I have no reading at all.I once had an understanding.I read A Dream of Red Mansions at the age of 14 or 15.I couldn’t understand it at all and didn’t know what to say.I stopped when I saw the sixth time.If you don’t understand,it is meaningless to read or not.If you really understand some sentences,you can meet them but not ask for them.You can directly hit the depth of your soul.

  Some time ago,I read Lu Xun’s”blessing”again.I have learned this text in the past Middle School.However,I still don’t understand it when I reread it now,for the detailed description of Xianglin sister-in-law,I don’t know the secret.

  ”I am so stupid,really,”Sister Xianglin raised her eyes with no spirit,and then said,”I only know that when it snows,the wild animals do not eat in the mountains and will come to the village;I didn’t know there would be spring”.

  For such a repeated paragraph,it has a very lasting appeal,but it cannot be accurately expressed in words.

  Some sentences,maybe,will not be understood even in this life.The world is like a book.I prefer your sentence.I would like to be a comma and stay at your feet.But you have your own reader,and I am just a ferryman.

  I envy those who have read a lot of books,and I am full of poetry and calligraphy.Reading a book is more like reading a person.Understand,it is very difficult.

  Interest and occupation,I prefer to be an idler,traveling all over the mountains and rivers.A few years ago,I liked to write some sentences from time to time,whether I groaned without illness or said sorrowful things for giving new words.In a word,all of them were unattractive and were not worth mentioning.A professional writer,who has the rules,rhyme,cadence and cadence,is detailed and orderly,and has a distinct style.As far as the law poem is concerned,it will pay special attention to the flatness and rhyme,or the collocation of parts of speech,which is caused by the profession.However,interest can be done as you wish without any format.When it rises,you can also write an article randomly.Occasionally,you can have a glimpse of one or two sentences.

  Without rules and regulations,this is freedom,without constraints,but with soul,vivid,vivid,creative,free.Plain and unadorned,can also go deep into the soul,rhetoric is gorgeous,also may not be worth reading.On the contrary,this kind of freedom always produces all kinds of”four irregularities”,which can only be defined as”essays”,journals and essays.There are some things,which are a kind of unseen preference.If you like them,you can’t compare with self-mockery.Time is busy,and I am always willing to stay up for one more minute.

  Writing is a kind of record,also a kind of sharing,a person’s self-redemption,and also a dialogue with himself and life.Some words are the communication between loners and loners.

  ”Boss,I…Want to resign”

  ”Young people,you must have ideals and work well”

  ”My biggest dream is not to go to work”

  I have an interest that when I ferry in this world,my soul will depend on me.

  Just like beautiful love,beautiful life is still the same,and I have only heard of it.There are so many popular stories,and each touching plot has been deeply yearned.Life is not living in dreams.The human world is always full of all kinds of complicated and helpless contradictions.All the seemingly ugly scenes are indeed in the human world.

  Unforgettable and unswerving until death,all these have become unattainable nothingness,but we can only move forward and turn back Wu.Some people say that they only love you all their lives,and this kind of words about vows all seem so ridiculous.

  Just,if you don’t even say an oath,this kind of love is worth considering.I have vowed my promise,at least to prove that I have loved.

  while loneliness always follows the shadow.Loneliness is a compulsory course for a person.If you don’t learn it well,you have to retake it.There is a long way to go in life.If you are lonely on your back,you can taste all the sufferings in the world and do some absurd but preferred things.

  Ten years ago,in middle school,there was always a link,classical Chinese translation.In the headline of the water tone song,it is written”why do you want to go to other time Circles”.If you understand,why do you need to translate?Translation means you don’t understand.Then,what’s the meaning of reading or not.Reading sentences repeatedly is more interesting than translating.Translation is a”blasphemy”of classics”.

  Life,more than a moment,no retreat,on the road destined.Shu Hu looking back,all kinds of feelings are in my heart.

  It seems to be missed,and it seems to be forgotten.In a trance,it seems to be lost in this infinitely broad sky and earth.

  You always come,I go there.It is me who loves deeply and you who love passionately.Between us,you are a song like fire,and I am quiet like a dream.It is you,me,the wildness,ups and downs,the mind of everything,and the witness.

  –Yu Gengzi recorded in lunar February 28,20 and 2 at that time.

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