Do you begin to miss the plain but beautiful days in the past and the happiness of family

  At the beginning of the new year,everyone’s life seems to become heavy,and the whole world is reminding us to learn to cherish.When a disaster comes without warning,and when misfortune comes to us,we thought there would be a long future,however,we deeply realized the impermanence of the world.We thought that love could flow slowly,but suddenly the sky was different!

  I thought,after today,there will be tomorrow,after tomorrow,there will be the day after tomorrow,some people,you think you can meet again,some things,you think you can continue,however,at the moment when you turn around,those people and things will never come back again.The season changes and you say nothing.Once you say goodbye,you will live a lifetime!Boundless journey,long time,life coming and going,unpredictable changes,and people,are destined to be in the staggered world,either a beautiful encounter,or look down on a wave.

  Every day,I am busy and live devoutly.I think that if I have nothing to do with my heart,I can be safe and smooth.I think that as long as I am happy with each other,I can climb mountains and rivers to the end.I think that as long as I am in the direction of my heart,then everything can be fulfilled……,It was not until later that I found that all the fantasies were just a blank check.The most real life was just in front of me.I cherished the present and didn’t ask the result.Every flower came out of the silt and returned to the dust.It was all regular.

  members sitting around the stove?All of this seemed to be yesterday,but all of this seemed to be in a dream.In fact,these were the happiness that we once got at ease,but today,it has become a kind of luxury that can’t be reached,simple possession is often the most rare,and ordinary care is often the most precious.Only when you survive the disaster can you know the humbleness of life.Only when you are in danger can you understand the treasure around you!

  In the deep and shallow footprints,we have gone through the best fleeting time in the first half of our lives,saying goodbye to the most brilliant season in our lives.Flowers have the day to rebloom,and no one is young any more.We apologize to all the old days,because I endow you with an uncherished past and how to spend the rest of your life.This is a life topic that should be seriously considered.As San Mao said,I have no time to be seriously young,we can only choose to grow old seriously.Shi,for example yesterday die,future various,such as begotten.

  In life,we hope that the fleeting time will be safe and sound,the present world will be stable,and we will survive the disaster.There are too many complex to be sorted out,too many yearning needs to be pursued,too many missions need to be carried on,and a person will live for a lifetime,for the rest of our life,we don’t have extra time to waste on things that are not worth wasting.Why bother and miss those past things too much,why do you put those doomed resentment on your shoulders and let your heart bear this unnecessary load?If you accidentally go the wrong way,remember to look back in time.The time is too short,and don’t understand too late.Half past,of the rest of my life,silent quiet,Qian Xiao Enron.

  Spring has come.Don’t let your heart stay in winter.Life is sometimes and time is endless.Put everything down and let your heart return to zero.From then on,towards the direction of the sun,this mountain is Shui Kuo long road.Don’t worry,walk calmly,flowers bloom and fall,cherish as much as you do!

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