The season of warm spring and blooming flowers is a beautiful season.

  Life is not easy.You need to have a broad heart.If you have a broad heart,Qian Lu will naturally become broad.

  People,like all creatures,have lives.Everyone’s life is a rough journey of mountains and rivers.In this journey,it is impossible to be vigorous.Ordinary is the common thing.

  Plain and light is a rare mood,an open mind and a leisurely and comfortable situation.The color of life is colorful and unpredictable.It needs an attitude and an attitude to see through,so that it will not be confused by the appearance in front of it and go the wrong way.

  We have to move forward all the way.Gain and loss are inevitable.Pain and happiness are inevitable.What we need most is just a state of mind,a state of mind that abandons complexity and simplifies it,making ourselves simple,as not preoccupied,unhappy.

  Life is changeable,happy gathering,separation,sorrow,happiness……It is always with us,but as long as you think about it carefully,all this is only between one thought,and everything will be fine if you take it easy.Which means,not too concerned about everything,don’t have to be forced.If it is not your scene,don’t stop too long;If it is not your love,don’t chase too much.It is the most beautiful artistic conception of life to move forward with efforts,follow the fate and follow one’s inclinations,settle your unnecessary distractions,face life carefully and face ups and downs.

  If you can”pick chrysanthemums under the East fence,you can see the South Mountain leisurely.”What a wonderful mood that should be!Although life is poor,there is no lack of carefree,in the silence to see the truth of human nature.

  In this complicated world,we are tired and tired.If we want to have a rest,we begin to seek the peace and tranquility of our hearts.How wonderful this ordinary need is,because,it is also a kind of happiness,to be exact,it is a very rare happiness for modern people!As long as you observe patiently,you will find that some poor couples are always happy.Although their life is more difficult than others,they are always in a bright mood,which is also a kind of simple happiness!

  People are busy all around to pursue happiness.However,in the end,many people were confused and surprised,finding that they had struggled hard for several years without happiness.In fact,happiness is also very simple and common,right beside you,right where you and my eyes are and when our hearts are touched.It needs to feel with heart,pursue with emotion,create with strength,and more importantly,discover,extract and taste with sharp eyes.

  Learning to avoid the hustle and bustle of the world skillfully is a valuable free and easy way.In my own space,I watch the time tactfully and listen to the fleeting time as a song.Experience your own unique pleasure,let alone the warmth and coldness of the world for the time being,do not touch the right and wrong of the world for the time being,and let yourself cool down for a while,isn’t it?

  If there is a moon in my heart,He Chou there is no poem?If there is sunshine in my heart,why fear the vicissitudes of the world?Everything follows fate and there will be a good time.Only by believing in beauty can we meet beauty.No greed,no extravagance,no arrogance,such character,Fang Hao.If you encounter beauty,please cherish it,enjoy the good feeling and enjoy the beautiful scenery.Happiness is so simple.

  The road of life,ditches and canals,sour,sweet and bitter,just lies in a moment.The clearness of the stream does not mean that it has no impurities;The clearness of the heart is not because it has no distractions.Only by making the heart clear and open,can life have sunshine.

  All the year round,there is always a time when the mountain flowers are blooming and the fallen leaves are flying.This is the way of nature.Clear morning light,hot noon,dark dusk,quiet late night,life,should be happy when it is time to be happy,lost also don’t have to be too sad.Time also has peace,time also has clear and shallow,between the buildings,flowers and trees are fragrant,standing at the wind outlet of time,watching the clouds rolling and the clouds,quiet,comfortable and peaceful.

  The weather warms up,and everything revives in the spring of the Earth.

  Where is spring?Spring is beside the river,the river is clear and clear,and the fish play freely in the water.It’s really Yuxiang shallow bottom.Where is spring?Spring is on the willow trees,long weeping willows are blown by the wind,swinging around,birds sing moving songs on the trees,it is really the yellow croakers singing green willows.Where is spring?Spring in the wilderness,the green wheat seedlings are returning to green to show their vitality.Where is spring?Spring is in the garden.The flowers in the garden are waving by the wind.The red ones are like fire,the pink ones are like glow,and the white ones are like snow,all of which are colorful.The Magpie ushered in the spring festival flowers.The peach blossoms in the Peach Orchard,and the pear blossoms in the pear orchard.Standing in the flower orchard with a hundred flowers blooming together,I felt everything was beautiful.The beauty of nature is pleasing to the eye.Several white clouds floating leisurely in the blue sky brought people’s hearts to a carefree and beautiful world.

  Where is spring?The opportunity of a day lies in the morning,and the opportunity of a year lies in spring.People in spring start new jobs for a good harvest of a year.

  Where is spring?As soon as the stung arrived,after hibernation,all kinds of animals opened their eyes and started a new life.People should take good care of the biological plants and animals that protect nature,that is,to take good care of human beings themselves.Floods,earthquakes and plagues have brought natural and man-made disasters to people.Unite as one,unite as one,fight against the new Crown pneumonia epidemic!People strive to be strong and positive,fighting with the sky is fun,fighting with the Earth is fun,fighting with people is fun.The whole country unites and shouts Wuhan come on!Come on,China!Come on,people of the world!Party in trouble P plus support!Overcome difficulties together and overcome the epidemic!Overcome disaster!Disaster after such as snow chu qing rain will be ushered in the spring happy and beautiful season!

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