This spring,this April,everything will be fine.We will also be stronger and go on bravely.

  April is a day when people say lies without being blamed;A day when people miss them;A day when people are full of money.

  For me,this year’s April may be unforgettable forever;For many fans,it is even more an insurmountable day.

  This year,I have experienced many firsts in my life and even witnessed the history.

  Just yesterday,March 31,the national college entrance examination was officially announced to be postponed for one month,which was the moment when I witnessed history.I believe that many years later,countless people will mention this day and it will also be written into the chapter of history.

  This year,I experienced the longest winter vacation in history for the first time in my life.I stayed at home for more than two months,and everyone was going crazy.But fortunately,with the development of technology,many people will not feel bored even if they stay at home,because through the Internet,we will still find countless fun to relieve pressure.

  This year is also the first year to enter the society.From this year on,you can no longer call yourself a student.Disgusting school canteen meals,classes that are often avoided,homework that is unwilling to write,and no chance to write any more.Maybe even classrooms and schools are hard to go.

  Especially those classmates,roommates and teachers who get along well with each other at school,after years,it becomes luxury to see each other again.Memory will be erased bit by bit in the killing of time,and only vague and scattered fragments remain.

  It was the first time this year that I felt the pressure of supporting myself.I carefully calculated three meals a day.It turned out that the society was not as good as imagined,but it was not as bad as imagined.Compared with many people,they suddenly feel that they are already lucky,so there will be no negativity in it.

  For the first time this year,I experienced the biggest epidemic virus,and the whole world was fighting against the virus.People all over the country were waiting for the spring blossoms to step into the campus of Wuhan University again to see the cherry blossoms floating in the garden.It was also the first time that I watched the Sakura live broadcast online and enjoyed a cloud tour.

  One of the most unforgettable memories to mention in particular is about the Zhang Guorong elder brother.Today,17,he left all those who like him and left his best memory in every fan’s heart.

  In fact,I occasionally heard about some topics related to him when I was a child,but I didn’t know anything at that time.The real contact with my elder brother is after going to college.After going to college,I like the style of Hong Kong in 1990s s inexplicably.

  No matter from their dressing style,or the prosperity of the city,plus those pictures and colors in the movie,there is a feeling of deja vu.Therefore,I have been watching countless movies and TV plays of that era,and gradually found that I especially like all my brother’s works,no matter songs or movies,each of them will be repeated several times.

  Before that,I accidentally saw the photo of my father when he was young.The dressing style in the photo was completely the style of Hong Kong style.Middle split,loose suit coat,light blue jeans.

  After that,I remembered that I had seen the stereo which was almost the size of the desktop computer,and I could listen to songs by putting the tape in.At that time,in the village,if any family had a similar sound,in the hot afternoon,the whole village would think of songs such as”Love fight to win”,”heart is too soft”,”love of the year”and so on.

  Later,the only family in the village bought a TV,a 21-inch black and white TV.Every time after dinner,adults and children in the whole village will watch TV together.Suddenly there was a little wind,and the tall and clumsy antenna would be affected,so the host family was urged to check what went wrong with the antenna.

  The next step is the DVD player.At that time,there was no DVD film but only VCD.It took more than one hour for two films to finish.And at that time,it was implemented to rent films to watch movies.What impressed me most was that there were more than 20 VCDs in the TV series of more than 20 episodes of the great Xia Huo Yuanjia,and they would collect them carefully when they were rented,I was reluctant to go back after watching it.

  Then we started to go to school.Gradually,every family in the village bought televisions,which were all 24-inch color televisions.Therefore,on the way to school,everyone gathered together to discuss that eunuch Xiao Li in”God cook Xiao Fugui”was too bad,and the dishes made by Xiao Fugui looked really delicious.He began to casually hold a corncob shorter than himself,playing the role of the combination of Qi Jian in The Legend of seven heroes of rainbow cat and blue rabbit.Ask the elders to buy black and white chess,and learn from Jiang liuer in”Go Boy”to start playing chess.I bought a lollipop in a canteen near the school,shouting”super lollipop”like”pig man”.Everyone always praised Xi Yangyang for his cleverness and wondered why Grey Wolf was afraid of his wife.

  Slowly,we grew up;Slowly,we understood;Slowly,we walked out of the society;Slowly,we all had our own new homes.

  Therefore,all the memories began to be carefully collected for fear that they would disappear one day.

  Every year on specific days,those special days will be specially commemorated in order not to be forgotten.

  The story is still going on,and we are still on the way.

  April 1 is good,the story is still there.

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