The Wind Rises naturally when there is wind,and there is no regret for soaring.

  How much a heart has changed is also the cultivation of youth growth.How much a kind of love pays is also the pace of ideal achievement.How much life is worth along the way is also an extraordinary content carried by meaning.

  One hand over the time,one gains the space,one goes to the operation,one masters the direction,one gets used to the ladder of rhythm,and one experiences the curve of change.

  There is always a pursuit around the reality,which is the state that must be in full bloom,and the eternal beauty around life is the determination that efforts must go through.

  A man chooses the value on the road,a man manages the wealth in the path,a man shuttles through the clear sky under the eaves,and a man’s harbor is interwoven with poetic scenery.

  Memories carry time like tea,and the fragrance spreads all over time like cups.Memories show the wonderful present and present,and the phenomenon patronizes the rich stage.

  A person has his own world and a person has his own vision.

  Thinking Promotes the ups and downs of the tide,Love leads the spark time away,spirit leads the enjoyment of fruits,and soul calls out resonance and happiness.

  A person knows how to understand a person’s present,a person knows a person’s development,and a person comes to every kind of today as promised.

  Seeing the corner of occurrence,meeting the turning of cognition,solving the situation of identification and dealing with the clear existence.

  A person is active in the time,a person presents the wind and grass on the tip of his heart,the state is that art works need to be carved,and the situation is that valuables need to be interpreted.

  I have rational and complete patience,and I have emotional and complete carefulness.Life and life are not enough.The real world is open to the first place by myself,and the soul and the world are not attractive.Let yourself create a thriving life.

  A person especially cares about possession,a person pays attention to measurement,a person is particularly vigorous,a person has a classic scenery.

  Busy and idle act at the same time,the host and the guest walk side by side,flowers and grass go into the wordless book together,mountains and water are in the same small Bridge House,poetry and painting are in the right position,string and ink walk in the heart-eye territory.

  A man’s eyebrows are flying naturally with olive branches,a man builds a vast ocean of stars on the top of the pyramid everywhere,a man is Shanshan and tired,and a man has a sharp edge with fire.

  Beauty and art are accompanied by Each Step.Imagination and phenomenon are accompanied by each sight of the whole city.The reality also keeps the wind and cloud around the world,and the heart and love exhale the paper,freedom and road received Linglong.

  Most of the places that a person cares for reach the peak of meaning,and most of the steps of a person’s nostalgia reach the peak.The time that a person often goes back and forth is a little bit of wisdom accumulation of growth,the space that a person often changes is a selective Wild World,which also produces realism.

  No wind,natural wind,thousands of books never delay thousands of miles of calm.

  A heart easily filled the Manor,a kind of love and speed intertwined with treasures,a kind of direction was just right on the steps,a kind of cognition was just the best time to pick up the crown.

  Love and freedom are nothing but life.Life exposes the world everywhere,while reality and ideal are nothing but a little bit of gold from the world.

  The heart-stirring World releases the true origin of the whole city.

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