Life is always like this.No one’s life is colorful and colorful;And no one can show himself alone and admire himself alone.

  There are dark green leaves in the wheat fields under the realistic and illusory sunshine.Looking from a distance,quiet,peaceful and boundless spread.Sometimes I think,if the wheat is ripe and lit with matches,will it be as comfortable as it is now?Of course,I am not a potential arsonist.It is a sin that I have no respect for food.The difference is that I always like to shake and even struggle between reality and illusion.

  Today’s friends can no longer sit together to drink tea or drink,Chang Xiang the future or the present.He lowered his head and said nothing,facing the screen of the mobile phone,full of awe.Perhaps,there are his distant friends and even lovers in his mobile phone.I am often confused and even anxious about it.On the other side of the screen,even strangers I have never seen before,the friends I have known for many years have been fascinated and accompanied by joy and anger.What kind of magic is it?Only in this way can an adult open his heart unscrupulously without worries.Perhaps,they are all real existence.But I am not a kind of nothingness.

  I am used to listening to the ancient timbre from guqin at noon.They have been real for thousands of years,and even suffered many damages.Fortunately,they were taken care of by people with a heart and passed on.Our ancient civilization has been inherited for thousands of years,and every inheritance has its beautiful shadow.Perhaps,some shadows are illusory.Like we praise love on the wireless network,yes,love should be chanted.Because of great love,we let human beings know the value of emotion and even affect human pulse.I have seen several women who eloped with others for love,collapsing and absconding in the world beyond the beauty camera after they met.I am sure that their night is restless.Their restless night was just the uneasiness and guilt or sorrow after the physical happiness.

  Today’s society no longer has too much criticism on”cheating”.Occasionally,when someone talks softly and softly,it is always a little disgusted,but the corners of the mouth gently skim and quickly return to the normal expression.It is undeniable that someone is for love.But love has never been so cheap.I have to worry about my friends who like to chat with strangers.They are all adults,and perhaps they are lonely adults.I cannot express clearly what kind of adults they are,nor can I get a reply from their words.People have their own lives,they have their Jianghu,I have my Qinghuan Gua Yu.Everyone has their own burdens.I hope that their burdens will have more clean springs for their children to grow up.

  People always have to carry something to move forward.If we don’t have luggage,how can we sleep peacefully in a world full of weeds.I don’t like to convey things related to me in the nothingness wireless network more and more.We should sit down or slow down to talk about something that we don’t have.I like the temperature of a cup of hot tea,and the feeling of boiling makes me feel the reality of being alive.I also like the drunkenness of a glass of wine.What we talk about is our life.It is not a free and easy way to go to the poor and sit and watch the clouds rise.We soothe our own pain,let life change,let the real emotion seed.

  Put it down,like a child’s growth after putting down toys.Put it down,crawl the shadow on the ground and let the sun shine on your body.We drink,sing and even dance.Let sweat gather on the ground,and generate rivers to spread.Or,we sat face to face and said nothing.

  Every year,on the traditional Zhuang festival”March 3″,I dye five-color glutinous rice with my mother,which becomes my compulsory course of”connecting the preceding with the following and inheriting the tradition”,such as making rice,cooking,dyeing and putting into the cage……It takes more than half a day from the beginning of preparation to the completion of all the work.I didn’t buy red this year,and my mother felt a little regretful.

  ”In the past,when your grandfather was acting in the people’s meeting place,he was beaten by bandits to spit blood,using the dye dyed with sticky rice red.At that time,I was still young,and I kept crying under the stage,thinking that the blood your grandfather vomited was real……”

  This was the first time that I heard the story related to glutinous rice dye.My mother just finished talking and I said,”I dreamed of my grandfather last night”.

  Mother paused for a moment,turned around and looked at me,”then you have to go to the grave this year……”

  I was in long or before,and I didn’t have a holiday in March 3,and I never went home to go to the grave;I was so busy during the bureau office,let alone.After being transferred back,March 3 also began to be the legal holiday in the district,but some”elite school”Ni Tian had to attend classes on March 3.I was facing the computer,listening to the sound of the fire outside the window,feeling unwilling and regretful in my heart,both the keyboard and the mouse can experience it!

  According to the”Yang banxian”–mother of the community,if you seldom dream about the dead,it means that you are living a good life,and he can rest assured that you won’t come back to see you;if you often dream about it,it means that you are not doing well.He doesn’t trust you and will come back to you.

  My grandparents passed away for so long,and I seldom dreamed about it.The only time was a long time ago.I dreamed that my grandmother said she had no food to eat.After I told my mother,my mother choked and said,”we will put more things for her in March 3,give her more money-burning paper and buy it for herself.”

  On the night before Tomb-Sweeping Day,I dreamed that my grandfather came back to visit my hospitalized mother.Maybe he also knew that my mother was not very good recently and just crossed a hurdle of life.

  13 years ago,the two most important men in mother’s life-grandfather and father died in succession within half a month……Mother stayed up until the 13th year.

  Even I couldn’t experience the trauma of my mother’s life caused by the severe pain like the collapse of the doomsday.Even if I wrote down articles one by one with words every time when I recorded these moments,I couldn’t record the lament and mourning that tears had become poems in her heart.The memorial ceremonies on March 3,July 14 and New Year’s Eve have become extremely grand festivals in my mother’s life and solemn ceremonies connecting the past and expecting the future.

  If I remember correctly,I never went to grave for my grandparents after college.I don’t know if the Gardenia planted that year would be watered by the summer rain in May,with White and fragrant flowers,let time and space return to more than ten years ago,and reappear the moment of family reunion,even if it is only one second.

  After more than ten years,when I saw that cutting branch had grown into a luxuriant tree,I realized the rain knocking on the leaves at every moment-our tears,the four seasons of spring,summer,autumn and winter are changing,waiting for us a small hill on the silent mountain top,waiting for our annual memorial ceremony.When we lit the sandalwood,informed us of our arrival with smoke,and shoveled the thatch from the grave with a hoe,the invisible seal which had been sealed for a whole year,when the hoe and shovel constantly hit the land,they slowly unsealed.

  Choosing to plant Gardenia beside the cemetery is far more symbolic than practical significance.Everyone who walks out of No.106 Xinglong Street will still miss the two clusters of gardenia growing under the tall grapefruit tree in front of the old house,and miss the fragrance splashed by the light rain dropping petals in the early summer of May,and the white petals falling all over the ground.It is the symbol of an era,the fragrance,shape and memory engraved in everyone’s heart.Transplanting it to the side of the cemetery is a kind of waiting,but also a kind of missing.

  After all the ceremonies were finished,I picked up some branches trimmed by my uncle and inserted them in the flowerpot on the roof.I believe that this flower moved from the old house and now moved from home not only has fragrant fragrance,but also has rich emotions.

  When I was in hospital,my mother said that she would take bacon to worship my father,and this Qingming Festival finally fulfilled her wish-13 years later,my mother fulfilled her father’s wish as well as her own.

  When I planted Gardenia,I fulfilled my mother’s wish as well as my own.

  Guilty,regret;Shi Huai,compensation,the living people are always using their own way to fulfill the unfinished wish of the dead.

  After the glutinous rice was steamed,even without the regret of red,my mother could find some comfort in the glutinous rice which was dark and bright yellow;

  The Gardenia is planted.Even without the broad land,we can find the memories of the past in the white and fragrant and elegant way.

  If we always regret for one color and can’t see the luster of other colors,life will be slowly depressed in such regrets.

  Planting flowers can’t go back to the past,but at least you can find yourself in the past.

  This is a season surrounded by the fragrance of various plant dyes,and it is also a world soaked in five-color life.Black,white,red,purple,yellow,five colors harmonize yin and yang,and five flavors interpret life.In such fragrance,we look back at the past and look around the future.

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