I hope that the beauty in the world is only linked with you,and what you forget is the love you embrace.

  Willows are elegant,and flowers are in full bloom.In such a season full of fragrance,we enlarge our senses and constantly wash away the memories paused in our minds.The blank occupies the center and spreads around until it disappears.

  Those sentiments and sorrows,once lost and abandoned,were buried in our bodies as if they had been scalded by a soldering iron.Maybe struggling is a kind of relief,but desperately maybe we can rush out of the fence,in the end,we just want to bury it in that floating memory,as if it was a kind of discarded forgetting.

  After a long period of comfort,I found that happiness is a luxury.People are always uneasy,waiting for the traffic,looking at the sky in the dark night,and doing things,but it adds to their worries.When they are happy,once,thinking about the next time,when they are sad,they cry once,but we never wanted to cry for the second time.Until the end,we found that the memory left in the end was only sad,and the happiness we had felt was just floating in our mind,it seems like nothing.This kind of luxury happiness is more precious than time in our life.

  If you were given a chance of amnesia,how would you choose to abandon those parts,which are love,life or others.If memory can be chosen,I may keep the most precious people and things,maybe more people choose to keep happiness and happiness,,how can the fulcrum of balance make you happy?If you lose half of your life memory,what else can you do?What will you be looked at by others?Who are you,who are you going to do.In the dark sea water,all kinds of sea swimming creatures are running around.Most of them have several seconds of memory.They have no choice but to do repetitive actions and react to the function itself.However,we are different,sometimes we are forced to remember,sometimes we are vague,looking at the power of time,enjoying the power given by God,laughing,crying,silent,maybe we have lost some,or maybe some of them were picked up.The reason why you do this is what you think,but the later choice is just to let nature take its course and let it go.

  The ancients paid attention to the realm of selflessness,which was a kind of self-cultivation and self-repair.Everything in nature is life,what we see is a kind of reveracious and fearful spirit,what we integrate into is the carrier of all life,and selflessness is the highest state of forgetting,the power of nature is greater than that of ourselves.When this kind of power comes,we will feel our own insignificance,just like the particles of dust,disappeared and disappeared without a trace,the world view at that moment expanded his state infinitely,and improved his own advantages.He felt that he was in nature and standing in the air,like trees,strong and straight;Like running water,gentle and agitating;Like birds,run freely.When I came back to myself again,I forgot a lot and couldn’t recall it,but I forgot it very comfortably.

  Cherry blossoms are the most beautiful in this season.Holding her hand,she snuggles up in your arms.Fragrant flowers fall down.In the warm sunshine,the breeze gives out the most pink color,that is the most romantic and emotional picture.How many times of yearning,how many times are forgotten,and try to think of it again.Every time I look up,it is just a person’s shadow stepping slowly under the cherry blossoms.

  Some people say that after the epidemic,who do you want to see most?I say,after the epidemic,I want to forget a person most.It is not that I don’t see him,not that I don’t want to,but that I forget him after missing him and return to myself,preparation has been launched.

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