I hope we can experience less frustrations and more sweetness in our life.

  In the present era,most people’s love should be free love.

  We are looking for the other half in the vast sea of people.

  Meeting may be a shoulder-piercing or a dinner.Maybe it was a joke,a journey,a small accident.

  The love mode of parents at that time was disliked by most people.Relative introduction,matchmaker introduction.The model we think is very rigid,but it evolves more and more fiercely with the times.

  When I was playing with my mobile phone,I received a prompt message from QQ.The content is that I am getting married,come and bless me!At first,I thought it was a joke made by some student.I opened the message and decided it was a real invitation after reading the content.

  Looking at the head portrait on QQ,a lively and lovely girl,a pair of bright big eyes,looking at the world simply.

  I clearly remember that my roommate had never announced the news that he had fallen in love.How can we have a wedding banquet once we notice it?

  Out of curiosity,I asked my friend,but I didn’t hear that you were in love.Why did you suddenly get married?

  My friend didn’t reply and sent a short video directly.Besides her,there was a man in the video,who was probably her bridegroom-to-be.

  This bridegroom-to-be,did not make people shine at the moment,is ordinary.I am a little confused,because my good friend is a famous appearance anthomaniac.

  It often makes amazing screams when watching idol dramas.Then he looked at the man on the screen with a face of anthomaniac,covered his mouth and smiled,how handsome is it?Therefore,it is not easy to decide to choose a person who is not good-looking to spend the rest of his life.

  So gossip asked,”you are still young,why are you so anxious to marry yourself out?

  My friend gave me an awkward expression and replied reluctantly.She said that because she was a minority,they were old leftover women at her age.If they didn’t marry,their families would be crazy,will also be subject to gossip.

  Under the pressure of her family,she started the traditional love mode,blind date.Relatives introduced that they would have a meal with each other,make an appointment,and then set the life-long affairs.

  From the Recognition of engagement,less than a month.

  When I was at school,my roommate was a well-known pure child.Never beware of anything bad.In her world,there are only delicious and not delicious,losing weight and not losing weight.

  People who eat instant noodles with a handful of snack tablets after eating them every time and finally eat themselves into the hospital.

  She is one year younger than me and has always been treated as a younger sister.I was a little worried.Even if I offended something,I still asked.

  I asked her,you have known each other for less than a month.Do you know that person’s character,habits and personality?Even if you are sure to get married,you can contact first.Don’t you worry about this?

  But my friend still replied to me with that casual taste.It’s okay.That person was introduced by my uncle’s family.Everyone is relative and knows everything.There is not much problem.

  Hearing her answer,I also had a hard time asking.I could only say I wish her happiness.

  Later,when she got married,I didn’t participate,because it was the time when the road was blocked.I left her a message and gave her a red envelope.

  She gave me a video of the wedding day.

  Looking at her smiling face in the video.I only hope this little cute can be like this in the future life.Wish her happiness.

  Now most people are busy with work and survival,and under great pressure,they forget to find someone to have a love affair.When I think of it,I am old and there is no suitable person around me.So I was forced to choose this unified mode.

  For Flash love and flash marriage,I also believe that there is true love.In real life,there are many people who live happily.

  But if this kind of thing happens to me,I will definitely not be so quick to confirm that I am an extremely insecure person without a deep understanding of a person.Not easily and each other adhesive hook.

  People with two personalities will have two results.

  No matter how to start the next journey of life.The final destination is to happiness.

  No matter how you know each other,I only hope that each other is a good person!

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