No matter whether you have time or not

  I think”coming as promised”is a very beautiful word.Although the process of waiting is hard,the result has never been let down.

  In ordinary days,we always have to wait for a snowfall,a blooming flower and a person to come.Therefore,waiting was like a waste at that time,and the final discovery was also a process to go through.

  We may have to wait for a while or for a long time.While waiting,I will imagine the scene you appeared and suddenly feel that all these are incredibly beautiful.


  There is a very romantic word in emotion called commitment.

  Why did I come to see you at 21:57?

  Of course,it is because the homophone of 2157 is that I love you forever,and you need to spend about 3 minutes watching the push and thinking within 30 minutes,just before half past ten in the evening,you can start to fall asleep.

  It is very hard to write every day.I need to have writing topics every day,typesetting and promotion.The most important thing is that one day is better than one day,otherwise,I will lose the meaning of doing this.

  When someone asks me if I have a card,others ask me how to find a topic.Of course I will have the time when my writing breaks down and there is a bottleneck period.I am more afraid of not being able to stick to it than working harder every day.

  It was my promise,rather than I chose to challenge.Now I insist on writing something every day,not to prove anything,because I am afraid that if I don’t insist one day,I will find reasons not to insist on doing other things next time,then everything you do in the future will easily fail.

  This is a very terrible psychological hint.Others questioned how I could do it,and I myself doubted it.

  At the beginning of each year,there will be many goals,even daily and monthly plans.But did you do what you promised at first?

  The greatness of promise lies not in how strong its words are,but in how much it finally achieves.

  The reason why I can persist till now is that I have never thought of giving up.Of course,in the future,I may not stick to it because of the appearance of someone or the arrival of a certain identity.But that is the future,at least I have done it now.

  The reason why many people live a boring life in this life is often because they don’t understand the current life,so they imagine too much about the future.

  There is a”72-hour rule”that means if you don’t do one thing within 72 hours,you may never do it.

  Those”can’t do it”I thought,after insisting,I found that it was just like this.

  I think it is very rare to write things every day,which is the test before I want to become a writer.I agree to write something every day,but it is by no means perfunctory.This can train your expression ability and thinking ability.

  Is there a lack of talents in this era?No,there are a lot of talents in every era.Talent is your ability,but it is your ability to let others know.

  I still like to do whatever I say,without delay or neglect.It’s really comfortable.


  Recently,there is a new topic on the Zhi Hu called”How to spend Valentine’s Day in 2020?”

  One of the answers was:”I have been at home.”

  This is a happy and bitter sentence,just like what Romain Rolland said:”The heaviest burden in life is not work,but boredom.”

  Busy days always want to live a leisure life,but when such a day comes,we want to kill time and make ourselves busy.

  Many years later,when we talked about this year’s Spring Festival,the bustling and bustling streets and traffic on the roads were all hindered by a sudden epidemic.Although there is a difficult beginning this year,I believe it must be bitter before sweet.

  We have to believe that if we stick to it,everything will be better.

  How is this period of time?I used to feel that I had no time to read.How many books have I read during this period?In the past,I always had no time to accompany my family on the grounds of busy work.Now it’s time to accompany my family.

  In fact,we always like to say that if we have time,I will definitely be able to do it.Is this really the case?

  This is a good proof.

  Do you really think it is because you are busy that you don’t read books?We can draw lessons from history,but we can’t stop the lessons from history.Before going to bed,you always think about what to do the next day,and even get excited for a long time before going to bed.But the next day,you can’t even get up early,and you still talk to me about changing yourself.

  I have read a sentence:There is an illusion that once I worship passionately in my mind for a while,I will try my best.

 you just talk about a lot of things,just want to say it readily in a short time.It’s easy to think,it’s easy to say,and it’s the most difficult to do.

  During this period of time,I finally finished reading the 15th year of Wanli,which touched me a lot.Maybe the page I casually turned over may be their life.

  After experiencing this epidemic,I believe that everyone has a new understanding of life in their hearts.Is it a pity to think of those wasted time now?

  In addition to the word”come as promised”,I also like a word called”come in succession.

  ”Coming one after another”sounds like a kind of enjoyment.I thought about it,did it,waited for it,and then the result I wanted came.

  Know yourself,know yourself,change yourself,and finally everything you want will come one after another.


  North Island wrote in answer:”You didn’t return as scheduled,which is exactly the meaning of separation.”

  Is the person who promised to give you happiness by your side now?Those words once said,now ask him if he still counts?

  In the past,I always thought it was my own problem,so that I still thought hard about what I did wrong after I was broke.Just because misunderstanding is my own problem,I always want to hone myself better.After becoming more excellent,I found that it was not what I did wrong,but that I misunderstood the person.

  Compared with sweet promises,I prefer to believe the daily necessities in front of me.I don’t believe what you said,but there will be too many changes in the future.

  A few days ago,my friend asked me if there was anyone I couldn’t let go.

  Of course,there are a few especially important people in everyone’s heart.They may be friends or lovers.Once together enough,now never see it anyway.

  In Goodbye,Jinhua station,there is a very heart-stirring line:”One day,you think of someone for no reason,she once made you have expectations for tomorrow,but it doesn’t appear in your tomorrow at all.”

  The world is cruel,but we will meet gentle people.Even if you have been treated unfairly,you should believe in beauty.We don’t have to be too nervous.All of this will eventually have a way back,just like I met you.

  Tick,it’s ten o’clock,remember to hurry up to sleep after thinking.

  Good night,the world.

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