Early spring is not suitable for outing,nor is it the season to enjoy flowers.Only the leaves that have slowly released vitality have quietly left traces on the branches.Welcome the wind and look forward to the rain.

  After the Spring Festival,the village inevitably revealed a lonely expression,as if the picture in the projector suddenly got stuck,leaving only a white curtain which was unwilling to turn black.It caught the hearts of the audience and was unwilling to let go of their hands for a long time.

  On the broad stone road,an old man with white hair led a buffalo and walked slowly towards the field.After a while,he calmed down again.A child who was unwilling to live in leisure and had no fun to find,ran into the field with his deep footprints.

  The sunshine shone on the cow dung,and the bacteria and pests that were too late to escape also gloriously followed the footsteps of ancestors.A few chickens shouted without any pain.The silent posture of the village was broken without any preparation.The dog guarding the house yelled wildly for a few times and no one paid attention to it.Then he concentrated on his beautiful dream.

  People who like to be lively but are not willing to fall,if they visit suddenly,they will definitely hate themselves,give themselves a slap in the face,and resent why they don’t feel at ease to enjoy the grace given by God,cause so many things for no reason.

  I can’t help thinking that many years ago,many brothers lost much friendship for a bowl of big land and fought for losing their faces ruthlessly.They wished that a pair of chopsticks could be divided into four pairs,and they also complained why they couldn’t get one more piece,it is easy to use to avoid the rising contradiction.

  At that time,there was no land and no land,and we had to try our best to leave a graveyard for our old age.Now,there are houses and cars,and the fields left by our ancestors need to be carefully checked to see if there is any value of planting.

  If someone wants to restore the night when the Devils enter the village,never miss this village.Hard reinforced concrete,unbearable overcoat on the hillside.The TV,which is thin and seems unable to bear the weight,tries hard to climb the new tiles and does not forget to dedicate new programs,which wins the owner a hard smile,scrub the dust left on the edge.

  A gluttonous child,sitting beside several old people,looking at the child with a few poor chicken legs in the bowl with a pleading look,not for fear of the dying life,but for fear that the child with little appetite will be full,if he failed to complete his final mission,he would be punished as a chicken once he went to the judge.

  It’s a pity that a belly that can’t eat is just like a person who is played with by love.He wants to take another bite with strength,fearing a moment of greed,tearing his scarred heart and stretching out his fingers,he took back his arms in a hurry like a python.

  The bamboo outside the window distorted the direction of its growth and could not support its body.It had to give up the idea of striving for it.It was temporarily stuck among the trees.The wind stirred the leaves and the Ye Qun was called moving bamboo,send a signal to complain to heaven.

  Spring,no matter where you are,you will always return as scheduled.

  Spring is coming,where are the people watching spring going!.

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