However,if you want to appreciate Willows in spring

  I like painting Willow when I was a child.That is because the willow is easy to draw,which can be drawn with only a few strokes.Moreover,it is because the willow is so visible that it is near the village road,beside the River Pond,outside the wall,inside the fence……The Weeping Willows of”The green willows in the guest house are new”can be seen everywhere.Although we can often see the trees of Azadia,Holly,Metasequoia,phoenix tree and so on,I think these trees are not as beautiful and easy to draw as Willows.

  Willow,unlike other trees,often wins by being tall,tall and straight,or with numerous flowers and leaves.The beauty that Liu gives to people also lies in its combination of hardness and softness and its density.Therefore,when drawing willows,one must have the state of old trees in his mind.After drawing the vigorous branches of willows,he will add willows gently and draw the tender leaves carefully before drawing the rigid and soft beauty of willows.The characteristics of Willow can be said to be soft and rigid;The pleasing of Willow is also soft and elegant in its posture.

  Perhaps the ancients also knew that willow trees were suitable for poetry and painting,so Willow was also one of the themes preferred by literati and literati in the landscape poetry and painting of past dynasties.”The jade makeup is as high as a tree,and thousands of green silk sticks are hanging down”,”it is the best place for spring in a year,which is better than the smoke Willow covering the imperial capital”,”the grass grows and the warblers fly in February,verses such as brushing the embankment,willows and drunken the spring smoke”have long been well known.As for the landscape paintings,it can be said that since the Five Dynasties,the Northern and Southern Song dynasties,Willows have also been the trees that Chang Ke have enjoyed in the landscape paintings of past dynasties,like the ancient pine trees,Sophora japonica trees and phoenix trees.The existence of lingering willows can be seen in these classic ancient paintings,such as”Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival”,”picture scroll of Fuchun Mountain dwelling”and”picture scroll of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains.

  I think Mr.Feng Zikai knows the fun of Liu very well.People who love Zikai’s caricature all know that Liu is the scenery in his caricature Chang Ke read.These Rouman willows,together with spring swallows,peaches and plums,grasslands,as well as mountains and waters far away,show the full spring in the picture,which is unforgettable to people.Maybe it was the painter who loved Liu Zhishen.He also wrote an essay praising Yang Liu.In the article,he praised willow like this;”when the trees sprout in spring are unknown,how can we let Willow be the master of spring?Just because other trees all rely on the power of the Emperor to strive for progress,blindly High,forget their own foundation,their greed is not in line with the spirit of spring.And the only thing that can best symbolize the God of spring is the hanging Yang.”For the praise of willow trees,Mr.Feng’s words are too beautiful,but his words are very vivid to grasp the beauty of Willow.

  Indeed,the beauty of Willow is different from other deciduous trees.With the alternation of four seasons,the beauty of Willow will change accordingly.Every year,when people get through the long cold winter and are eagerly looking forward to the Spring returning to the Earth,Willow will quietly report the news of spring with thousands of willow branches of yellow yellow buds.As for the willow shade in summer,cicadas singing,the cold rain in autumn leaving willows,and the sparse branches in front of the wind in winter,all these are not suitable for painting.But then again,it is better to appreciate the Green Willow in spring,and the best time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Willow is the best time in March.

  At this time,the nature has recovered,and all things are springing up.Under this circumstance,you might as well choose a sunny day and walk to the countryside alone in the Yang Liufeng of”blowing face but not cold.There you will find that the soft Yang Liuzheng interweave the beautiful scenery of Spring with everything in spring.You may be attracted by the beautiful appearance of weeping willows,and you may also feel that the willows that wake up early are the best messengers for the Spring Festival,otherwise,how can there be”thousands of trees weeping willows”,”The Willows that suddenly disappear”,or the saying”Willow Spring?Although the scholars in Dongpo had already believed that”there are three or two peach blossoms outside the bamboo,and the duck prophet in the Spring River”,in his view,the duck traveling on the river was the messenger who knew the spring and retributed the spring.However,the way of feeling spring can vary from person to person;Similarly,in nature,the earliest objects that sense the coming of spring can also vary from object to object.

  It was said that when Sui Yangdi ordered to excavate Yongji canal in Henan,they specially ordered to plant willows on both sides of the canal.What a beautiful scene that is.Looking back at the scene at that time,the endless weeping willows on both sides of the river fluttered gracefully on the 1,003-mile-long riverbank in the warm spring breeze,with thousands of postures and shining each other,the scenery of Green Willow with infinite scenery should be so charming,so pleasing to the eye,making people move towards it.

  Nanjing,as the ancient capital of six dynasties,has planted willows as the street trees of the capital and the embankment trees on both sides of the Yuhe River since the establishment of the capital.The beautiful painting environment with thousands of willows in the spring breeze has attracted many poets and painters to leave the masterpieces of”Jinling Yanliu”and”Bai men hanging Yang.”The saddle is carved for thirty miles,and there are thousands of official Willows on both sides”is a kind of scenery;”the pedestrians in summer don’t open their mouths,and the sky has its own Tu Su”is a kind of interest;however,”the flying bamboo slips the way,and the yang is hanging in the Royal ditch.”It is another kind of splendid scene.

  And you might as well think about it,walking slowly in the spring light on the bank of Yongji canal,overlooking the thousands of weeping willows rippling with the spring breeze and blue waves;Or walking leisurely in Jinling City,appreciating the smoke-like green willows dancing with the Orioles and purple swallows is really an enjoyable thing that makes people”relaxed and happy,and forget all the spoils.Although appreciating the willow in the spring in reverie is only the edification of personal interest,it is also a reflection of the Willow scenery in the spring in people’s hearts.This is just like when it comes to”Green Willow City,White Gate Willow”,it reminds people of the ancient city scenery of Yangzhou and Nanjing;When it comes to”six bridges with West Lake Scenery,every Willow and every peach”will make people linger in the bright spring of the West Lake;As for”Farewell to the bridge,the long pavilion folding Willow”,it will make people remember the warm time of farewell to relatives and friends……

  you can only go to the suburbs,parks and scenic spots.Because in my impression,it seems that I haven’t seen a city that used weeping willows as street trees like Jinling in ancient times.I don’t know if there are Willows as street trees in northern cities?But from the perspective of Nanjing,Suzhou and Hangzhou,these Jiangnan cities which are suitable to use Willows as street trees have not yet been adopted,and there should not be any in the north.But I think it seems a little pity not to use willow as the choice of urban street trees.

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