This is the second”meeting”after Xingxing left”.

  Black dyes,which were not successful last year,were excluded from the list of five-color dyes by their mothers this year.Except for the white that doesn’t need to be dyed,there are only three colors of red,yellow and purple at home,and one color is still needed to be”five colors”.My mother said regretfully.

  Where can I get a new color at once?

  Although I didn’t major in art in college,I learned something related to color under the influence of my classmates in art group.When I began to think about”creating”a new color with red and yellow of the existing three primary colors in my hands,I knew I could make up for my mother’s regret.

  Red plus yellow,you can get orange.So,I asked my mother to pour a part of the red dye into the pot,then put the flower of the yellow dye into the pot and boil it together,then boil out the natural pigment in it and mix the two together,you can get orange.

  The results proved that this was effective.In this way,with the addition of blue dye next year,I can bring up more colors.

  Life is the same,not only black and white,but also gray between them.When I began to learn to”create”orange,I thought that I should also learn the right and wrong that life is not only black but also white,it is a magnificent world with all kinds of fantastic colors that can be mixed by people.

  Qingming rain in March 3

  Steamed The five-color glutinous rice,packed up all the supplies needed for the sacrifice and put them in the back pocket.The rain in the sky was still falling,and there was no intention to stop.

  After the rain,the road up the mountain was a little slippery,carrying seemingly ordinary things,but this season seemed very important,carefully moving forward step by step,afraid that the soles of the feet would slip out the things.The bottom of the back is not up and down just against the end of the lumbar vertebra,the waist unconsciously stands up,and the shoulder opens and straightens up the chest,looking energetic.

  It was the first time to go to the grave in the drizzling weather,and it was also the first time to appreciate the poetry of”Rain in succession during Qingming Festival”.In those years,Du Mu might have traveled against the wind and rain like this,but they didn’t know Gui Chu in Xinghua Village,it was so melancholy that I wrote such a poem.

  Sweat and rain wet the hair,and the wet weeds also wet the clothes and trousers.It was wet everywhere.In the distance,Wuzhi Mountain was shrouded in the lead-colored cloud and mist,and the top of the mountain was swallowed,you can’t see the grandeur of the past.This kind of weather and scene,together with the atmosphere of this season,I looked at the distance and wanted to find the Xinghua village that belonged to me hidden between the clouds and mist.

  When I cleaned up the weeds with my mother and prepared to start the next program,the rain stopped with interest.

  Five-color glutinous rice in March 3,as well as the fruits that meet the scenery,as well as the bacon and sausage that are indispensable every year,are arranged one by one.At this time,the whole land was a table,each family put their own prepared offerings,only waiting for the call of sandalwood,there will be a response from heaven and earth.

  Mother said that when Grandpa and father died,they were always thinking about eating bacon and sausage,so whether at home on New Year’s Eve or on the slope on March 3,both of these two things will be indispensable–when the owed things have the ability to make up,they may not have the opportunity to enjoy.

  The fog in the distance gradually dispersed.The rain stopped for a while,but the sun still didn’t come out.I took off my glasses and wiped off the slightly salty rain on my face.

  Prosperous underground Castle

  For more than a year,maybe the carton containing her was soaked by rain and could not bear the weight of the soil any more,or maybe Xingxing had left this place,and the place where Xingxing was buried was empty,the collapse became a rectangular hole dug out at the beginning.

  This pit is like the entrance of Xingxing underground Castle.Whenever she runs out to play or wants to come back to see us,she can find the entrance back.

  For more than a year,every time I met in my dream,I was like watching an ultra-high definition 4K movie.Her appearance was so clear in front of me,the tactile feeling of hair was so real that even the feeling of her nails passing through the skin was so real to her heart.

  Roughly clean up the weeds at the entrance of Xingxing underground castle,and put some things Xingxing liked to eat for her.The”meeting”once a year ended simply like this.I deliberately shortened the time to stay there,because I knew it was very close to home,and she would come back to see us when she missed us.

  When I went down the mountain,my mother looked up to the mountain and said,”the money we hung up is high,and it floats very well by the wind!”

  Worship once a year and meet once a year.The fragrance of yellow dye”nuoya”flowers drifts along with the wind on the top of the mountain.It is the unique taste of this season,the taste of missing and the symbol of calling.The”hanging money”fluttering in the wind is the end of a ceremony and the beginning of endless nostalgia.The”hanging money”soaked in the rain is still fluttering in the wind,like waving hands when leaving,sending us down the mountain all the time.

  The”hanging money”is flying all over the mountain and the slope.You come and go again;We come and go again……

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