Life is a cycle,from nothing to existence,from life to death,repeating.

  Human life is limited,but no one will know in advance when the deadline will be,maybe far away,or suddenly come to your side.Death is impossible for everyone to avoid.Maybe it is waiting for you to die with a smile,maybe it is lurking beside you ferociously,always ready to take your life for yourself.The reality is cruel,just like life gives me a three-year deadline.Knowing that there is still a three-year deadline for life,the first thing I feel is regret,nostalgia and reluctance.In the state of predicting the time of life,at first I couldn’t imagine what kind of state I would use to face life,relatives and friends?Will you spend every day in hesitation,anxiety and decadence?

  Until 2020,the menacing new Crown virus epidemic situation in new Chunjia made people all over the country fall into the common anti-epidemic battle.Many people were infected with the virus and left in this epidemic,and people all spent their lives in panic.At this moment,I suddenly realized that there was an end of my life.If God arranged me to leave halfway,what could I do?Try to be at ease.I began to love life actively.I still have a lot of things to do.As long as my body permits,I will try my best to realize my wish.At this moment,life has been added with a deadline.Every swing of the clock will bring me a step closer to death.At this time,you will feel the value of life!Yes,life is precious at any time,but I just feel that the coming days are long and ignore its meaning.Life added a deadline,feeling the footsteps of death getting closer and closer to me,understand the meaning of cherishing the present!In the rest of the time,think about what you want to do,no matter what,take action now,because if you miss this life,you will have no chance!After life gives me a deadline,I know my life clearly.Cherish,cherish,cherish again,Cherish this person,cherish this thing,cherish this period of time,cherish this life.

  Life gave me a deadline to wake up earlier.Life gave me a deadline,making life no longer confused.Life gives me a deadline to make life more meaningful!

  People will use the sentence”tomorrow and accident don’t know which one comes first”to sigh with emotion that life is impermanent.If you don’t lose it,you won’t know how to cherish it.There is always a saying that”the future is long”to comfort people.In fact,life does not last forever,and the future is not long.Be sure to live a good life and cherish the people in front of you,otherwise you will leave an irreparable regret.

  I recall my youth,those deserted years can never be made up,only to grasp the present and cherish the present.

  Struggling on the death line of the soul,after suffering from the washing of time,I am not young.On this road of life,I have learned to get and give up,forgive and forget.Life does not lie in length,but in whether she lives wonderfully or not.I use the rest of my time to integrate soul and life to make it colorful.

  For me,death is not terrible.I know that people will eventually go to death.People often say,”I am not afraid of death.”But when death really comes,it is inevitable that there will be involuntary fear.Fear is just one of many psychological manifestations of people.When you really want to face death,we cannot blame fear,let alone regard fear of death as unpromising.The key is how to locate the last precious time in our life.

  Life has given me a deadline.I dare not say that I am not afraid.However,I will think calmly and spend some time summarizing,examining what I have done and what is right,and not being complacent about my achievements,also do not lose courage for the mistakes made.Face up to your own shortcomings and constantly look for ways to improve.Maybe some people will say that everything is too late.No!I don’t think so,”I save myself three times a day,and I am not loyal to others?Don’t you believe in making friends with friends?Don’t you like it?”There is no difference between early and late in self-correction.

  I will cherish one of the few precious times,and perhaps only at some point can I understand the true meaning of”an inch of time and an inch of Gold.No more mediocre,no more muddle-headed,use your limited life to do more and more for your family,friends,relatives,lovers,and yourself.I will not shout out the slogan of contributing to the people and society.I can only do what I should do steadfastly and walk every step firmly until the deadline of my life.

  Life gives me a deadline.When I am about to stop breathing,I hope I can leave with a smile.I don’t expect myself to have a perfect life,because in the world where I live,there is no perfection at all.I hope to see that people around me cherish everything now.Don’t be arrogant,don’t be complacent,don’t be treacherous and sinister,don’t be mediocre,don’t hook up with each other,don’t be flattering and flattering,don’t be vanity and grandiose,don’t change your mind.Take every step of your own road and do everything you should do well.Not whom fame,but have a clear conscience.

  I hope I will be calm and look back at the road I have walked.I hope it is a string of clear footprints.

  Life is beyond our control.In the face of death,it is also impossible to control.

  Life gave me a deadline,from that day on,slowly countdown……

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