How many people can truly experience such artistic conception in life?

  The years have gone without vicissitudes,and everything has vanished.There are books and Dan Cha in the central garden,walking in the garden.At the invitation of friends,it is peaceful to speak a little prose of the Analects of Confucius every day,life is with the rain of Feng Dan,and there is nothing to do.

  No longer entangled in intangible or tangible,everything is like wind and smoke,looking a little bit cool,but full of Shan Yi.The quiet and simple things are just like when I stand by the window alone and listen to an ancient music drama alone,and also seem to fall Ting Yu silence in the quiet night.All the past things have gone through all the time and come and go without a trace,only the cleanness and indifference of the heart are left.

  Suddenly remembered”flue gas ju jing,Tianshan in color.”This sentence,what kind of empty and thorough brightness is it,the wind is invisible,the smoke is gone,everything in nature is clean,what a word”clean”,everything is so colorless,silent and silent.This kind of artistic conception should be Shan Yi,with almost no coloring and no trace,but it is leisurely repeated and indifferent to the heart.

  Who is always a heart,only to Leng Yue;Who is a long shirt,let the wind roll the clothes,who stands on the stranger,like a person who is far away from the world.Who walks alone in the Jianghu with a flute and a sword,and who has lost everything in the secular world in his deep eyes.He is like the wind and smoke,floating and leisurely.

  No longer need to do the so-called addition or subtraction of life,no longer have the so-called irritability and sorrow,no longer need the so-called good words.There is only one boundless heart in life,which is like wind and smoke every day and no longer exists.

  The green of spring comes,the comfortable summer comes,the joy of autumn comes,and the white of winter comes.However,everything is a flash in the pan,noisy,prosperity has become a past event like smoke and wind.Why is it still Eternal in this wind and smoke?

  When you are busy,what you see is hardship;When you are busy,what you see is fame and wealth;When you are proud,what you see is success;When you are frustrated,what you hold is depression;when you feel flowers in the applause,when you are alone,you feel lonely.However,no matter how you walk in your life,you are just experiencing a game of wind and smoke.You don’t know what you have gained or what you have lost!

  Greed is messing around,and the goal is messing around.How pathetic it is to messing around.Do you have it?Are you satisfied?All the sharpness,all the Yin Ren;All the pursuits,all the humility;All the hesitation and ambition,all the grievances and pursuits,in the end,is just a scarred self,everything is like wind and smoke,no mood.

  In life,who adds locks one after another to your heart,and what will be peaceful in life,when your heart is full of calluses one after another,all the wind and smoke are lost,you are lonely,the river and the sky are still the same,going round and round.

  Only the transparent wind smoke is clean and pure,only the light wind smoke is light and sincere.In a life like smoke and wind,you should walk and cherish it.Cherish sincere feelings,cherish sincere things and cherish the direction of sincerity.

  Keeping the silence of a room,being far away from the world,I was alone and happy;Listening to a piece of music,I was alone in the yard,intoxicated myself;Facing a garden with green onions,no shadow and no heart,like the wind and smoke.Nothing will exist,and nothing will disappear;There is no”Peach Garden”,nor”Golden Valley Garden”;In the vast universe,wind and smoke are all clean,who is clear and elegant!

  It seems easy to say with clean wind and smoke,but how about doing it?

  Keeping the garden,enjoying the orchid and bamboo,life is quiet and silent.No Su Qin,no Jin Jing;Although the door is set,it is often closed.There is only a period of wind and smoke.

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