In the column of WeChat moments impression,

 my friends gave me some beautiful comments:elegance,gentleness,classical beauty,innocence and human being as light as chrysanthemum.

  However,in these beautiful entries,I have indeed been admiring the realm of life of”a man is as light as a chrysanthemum.

  People are as light as chrysanthemums,coming from”elegance”in”poetry”of situ Kong:”Jade pots buy spring,enjoy the rain in the thatched cottage,sit in the beautiful ladies,cultivate bamboos on the left and right sides,white clouds clear at the beginning,and birds in the secluded sky,sleeping piano with green shade,there is a waterfall on it.Fallen Flowers are speechless,people are as light as chrysanthemums,and the age of books is so beautiful that they can be read.”Reading the poem,a quiet and elegant picture scroll was slowly presented in front of us:it was the spring rain that was lingering,surrounded by green bamboos outside the thatched cottage,and inside the thatched cottage,there was a pot of sake,there are two or three intimate friends in the seat.Soon after the rain was over,the sky was fine.There were birds in the forest,and the wind was smooth.The players slept a little,accompanied by flying springs.At this moment,the petals quietly float into the eyes,and people are indifferent and detached like chrysanthemums.What a unhappy life!

  In real life,it seems that it is difficult to reproduce the poet’s love and love,but the poet’s indifferent mood has always been admired by later generations.People are as light as Chrysanthemums.As the name implies,life should be as simple and calm as chrysanthemums.People are as light as Chrysanthemums.What shakes off is the aloof and lofty of”being proud of the autumn frost and the blooming of chrysanthemum”,while what declines is the prosperity and bustle of”colorful flowers blooming.People are as light as Chrysanthemums.What they want is the integrity and firmness of”I would rather hold the fragrant branches to grow old than dance with the yellow leaves in autumn”.What they want is”watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court at leisure,the calmness and calmness of”following the clouds and rolling clouds outside the Sky.

  Human light such as chrysanthemum,reminds me of Zhuge Liang sticker to to cottage door couplets”non-indifferent no Mingzhi,Fei Ning static beyond Zhiyuan”;think of Eastern Jin Dynasty pastoral poet Tao Yuanming famous”a chrysanthemum,leisurely now Nanshan”;Think of Ji Xianlin old gentleman’s motto,”longitudinal waves Dahua in,don’t also not afraid.Do what you should do,do what you should do,and don’t worry too much”.If the indifference of celebrities makes people admire,then the indifference of ordinary people makes people moved.People are as pale as a chrysanthemum,which reminds me of several old teachers around me who are about to retire.They have also won various impressive awards and have valuable teaching experience.But for decades,they just devoted their youth diligently,in obscurity and toil,which is really the so-called”a piece of ice heart urges peaches and plums.”But now,apart from the wind and frost on the face and the pain in the whole body,there is no dispute between fame and Wu Rao and benefit.Just like a poem written by an excellent teacher when summarizing his work:”No fame,no benefit,no regret,try your best to water the flowers.”They are as ordinary as grass and as indifferent as chrysanthemum,but what is revealed in the ordinary and indifferent is exactly the purest and most beautiful light spot in human nature.

  People are as light as chrysanthemums,which also reminds me of myself.Looking through my life,I once had many beautiful dreams.Because of the story moved by Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi,I once dreamed that I could draw some bosom friends with a song”High Mountain and flowing water”,but I only learned a few songs and then put the zither on the shelf.It is more natural to say it is accidental,so I chose an ordinary way of life in this way.Although dreams are gradually pierced by the sword of time,they finally become fragments of memory.However,after years of waves and sand washing,what has settled in the deep heart is already a kind of peace and tranquility.As Xu Zhimo said in 1930s:I am lucky to get it;No,my life,that’s all……

  People are as light as chrysanthemums,less fame and wealth disputes,less concern about gains and losses,but listen to the birds outside the window,look at the posture of the grass,think more about the depth of the sky……Face life with calm attitude.Although this state may be difficult to reach,we should be on the way to pursue this state.Isn’t it?

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